Sep 3, 18 / Lib 22, 02 05:45 UTC

Mining the Asteroids and more...  

Thought I bring this up because Earth has resources that is quite delicate to the environment.  

In building the City of Asgardia, I propose that Asgardia should mine the asteroid fields for materials to build the City of Asgardia.  Because it is in space, air and chemical pollution will not be an issue.

Of course, we will need materials from Earth first to build the first gen space station, oxygen, food, fuel and ships to reach out there and establish a colony to mine the asteroid fields.

We will need to get the science community to focus on R&D space travel.  Especially on fuel, oxygen generation, hibernation, space travel and mining in space.

Sep 4, 18 / Lib 23, 02 13:34 UTC

It would be nice and probably necessary, but I think there will be some political challenges because space and everything in it is of everyone (at least our current treaties say so, we'll see when we get to Mars or the Moon again).

I think that, as I've said many times before in other threads, we are thinking too much about things that will take place too far in the future. To even build the first space station we'll need billions, if you think how much a suborbital flight costs you can see in perspective what journey we have ahead. 

The space station will have to be set at around 400km (same as the international space station), and we'll have to bring people back and forth, constantly supplying the crew with all they need to survive, etc... It's a lot to think about. Money money money, I'd like to know how we'll manage to get them, even with donations we'll never have enough, maybe only with Bezos's help... still, I'd like to see few projects here, to dream is still free!