Aug 4, 18 / Vir 20, 02 11:41 UTC


I was thinking at the warming of earth while looking at a world map. Then it came to my thoughts that if the whole north-pole would melt that the earth would not be in balance anymore. My first idea was that the heaviest weight would tumble to the sun and the lightest part, the north-pole would tumble to the west. Then i remembered some report of the north-pole and the local people said that the horizon has and was still shifting. I also remember recent reports of the actual center of the north-pole being shifted towards Siberia. So if the plates move west and the pole moves east, then i think we are going to have a major shift in the crust of 90 degrees towards west. Which would mean that for example my country Belgium would be at the north-pole position.


Grtz, Dirk.

Aug 5, 18 / Vir 21, 02 12:14 UTC

I agree. in theory there is danger. but I think that humanity can not change anything in this process.