Sep 11, 18 / Sco 02, 02 17:00 UTC

Ability to delete / edit comments/replies.  

Is there currently a way to delete comments/replies on the blog area of the website? I accidentally posted the same thing twice in a comment section (due to lack of the web-page updating when I submitted the comment) and would like to remove one of them.

If not, then could this be implemented? It's not a huge deal, but I'm sure in the future there are others who would like the ability to delete or edit comments for spelling errors, duplicates, and so on.

Sep 22, 18 / Sco 13, 02 07:37 UTC

Hi Lyle,

unfortunately now there is no possibility for users to edit or delete comments/replies in the blog.

Please do an email to and add a link to the post in which you need to delete your comment.

Oct 4, 18 / Sco 25, 02 17:57 UTC

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Nov 13, 18 / Sag 09, 02 06:24 UTC

Nearly every - single - time - i posted a messgae, i get 404 page not found. Then i find out that my post did post, often, it will accidentally double post.

Most modern forums, basically every single one, allow you to delete your own posts. And now you've added a Citizenship Fee most people will not pay.

Very Angry Right Now.

Nov 28, 18 / Sag 24, 02 17:32 UTC

What is the thought process right now in terms of being able to allow people to delete comments and blog posts?

Is it in development and if so, when approximately is it planned for?