Nov 27, 18 / Sag 23, 02 16:23 UTC

[Documentation] Getting Started Guide for New People  

There should be a Getting Started Guide for new people, listing out:

* where to to for various pieces of information

* what to do first, what they should probably do next, etc.

* a "flow" of sorts like a tour of the website

* information on the culture, etiquette, and other such things

* how to contribute to Asgardia. 

This could be in written form and or a series of videos.

As a new person, I'm having a hard time finding the information I need, and or getting answers in the forums (not even being totally sure if I have the questions in the "right" forum(s)). 

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Nov 27, 18 / Sag 23, 02 23:22 UTC

In another posting, I noted how I poked around a bit more and found an easier way to locate what I was looking for.

I used the "Global Search" bar and typed in a term. Then popped up results for various things within the site. I clicked on "See all results" and found more of what I was looking for.

I'll do that from now on before I ask questions in the forum.