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Toward Becoming
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How do I become a Citizen of Asgardia?

To become a Citizen, you must first be a Resident. This means you must fill all the required fields in your profile, accept the Constitution and pay a Citizenship Fee.
The specific details of Citizenship are now being developed by the Ministry of Citizenship and the Parliament Committee of Citizenship. This includes identity documents, bilateral arrangements with Earthly nations and full access to cultural, political and economic opportunities in Asgardia. These are real benefits, based on the values of free enterprise and public services.
By paying the Citizenship fee you will be among the first in line to receive these benefits when Citizenship is rolled out.

What are the benefits of being a Citizen?

Asgardia is the first-ever space nation — a global humanitarian project for everyone on the planet.
Asgardia was created with three goals in mind: to ensure the peaceful use of space, to protect the Earth from space hazards, and to create a demilitarized and free scientific base of knowledge in space. Asgardia also has a long-term objective of establishing habitable platforms in space and building settlements on the Moon.
Our community grants you unique opportunities for networking and brainstorming with innovators, engineers, scientists, business people and investors. Citizens of Asgardia will have unique opportunities not open to others.

Why is the Citizenship Fee important?

The Citizenship fee will give dedicated Asgardians a real way to contribute to the nation, and, gain recognition as the first residents in-line for Citizenship. Now that Parliament has endorsed the Citizenship Fee, the Nation can take the next step in its journey towards settling in space.
As we continue to make progress and realise the vision of Asgardia, the first Citizens will go down in history as the ones who helped make this movement the next giant leap for humankind.
You may continue as a Follower of Asgardia at no cost. However, early contribution of the Citizenship Fee means you are part of that cutting-edge community actively building the history of humanity’s next adventure and looking to the future as we reach out beyond our home planet to new horizons.
Citizenship Law
CoP Announcement Letter

Privileges: The Golden 100,000, First Donors, Mayors, Parliament and Government

The Head of Nation has decreed the first 100,000 Asgardians who signed up for Asgardia and accepted the Constitution are exempt from the payment until 25th October 0003, (November 1st 2019 earth calendar). If you are one of the first 100,000 and you have not yet accepted the Constitution, you may still do so until the end of the 2018 earth calendar year to maintain this privilege.
Also you are exempt from paying the Citizenship Fee in 2019 if you have made any donations to the Asgardia from the October 12, 2016 (October 05, 0000) through to October 01, 2018 (September 22, 0002).
Also Mayors, Members of Parliament, Government and candidates who have paid the corresponding fee of €100 in full or have received personal contributions in the amount of no less than €100 before 25 October 0002 (1 November 2018) are exempt from CF.