Can 07, 04 / May 26, 20 01:32 UTC
Lena De Winner In Q & A
Head of Administration to the Head of the Nation May 26th 17 hr
Gem 23, 04 / May 14, 20 14:25 UTC
Competition ,Design  title
Design it's for the title "Universal Health and First Aid Symbol" Asgardian Greetings I am pleased to present you the following Art competition which will be a design for life in Asgardia Space Nation. While you, the winner will have your name as the protagonist of this universal design, your ...
Gem 23, 04 / May 14, 20 14:40 UTC
Sounds good.
Aqu 23, 04 / Jan 23, 20 05:35 UTC
Like the Security Field!
Love to be in Security? we can't be naked we must take precautions, learn martial arts. and join .. Soon! Only 20 Volunteers for Members only send your Name, name experience .. if Qualify will be sent a request
Gem 16, 04 / May 7, 20 14:25 UTC
I find this humorous (not in an offensive way obviously) I had this funny vision of future Asgardians practicing martial arts as a cultural heritage instead of for warfare or defence, the humourous part is that it would subconsciously make Asgardians ready to defend themselves at any moment without the ...
Ari 23, 04 / Mar 19, 20 21:32 UTC
Send your information!
Ari 03, 04 / Feb 28, 20 23:56 UTC
Hello, if it is still available, I would like to know the steps to participate.
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Aqu 23, 04 / Jan 23, 20 05:27 UTC
Write your Hometown Story! Competition for Residents
Start Know and be a Winner One Unity, One Humanity This Competition its going to be divide in 2 winners one for 8/2020 and the other for 12/ 2020 please follow the rules .. Be like a wise old man who has corrected his faults and a child lacking knowledge, ...
Gem 23, 04 / May 14, 20 14:27 UTC
Remember to participated
Tau 09, 04 / Apr 2, 20 15:33 UTC
How many printed characters and sheets should the story contain.
Ari 23, 04 / Mar 19, 20 21:31 UTC
Still running ,, at this time ! at home ......
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Aqu 22, 04 / Jan 22, 20 19:53 UTC
Be a Mayor , Represent your City, Countryside, Town for your Asgardian people
Sea alcalde, represente su ciudad, campo, ciudad para su pueblo asgardiano Asgardia has hundreds of thousands of residents spread across various cities around the globe. Tens of thousands of Asgardians reside in some of the largest cities, but it is not uncommon for these residents to be disconnected and not ...
Aqu 04, 04 / Jan 4, 20 17:03 UTC
Write your Hometown Story! Competition for Residents .
Start Know and be a Winner Be like a wise old man who has corrected his faults and a child lacking knowledge, News Competition Just here Translate It is a pleasure to participate with our Residents, To see many more in the Future of Our Asgardia and Residents, Always ...
Aqu 22, 04 / Jan 22, 20 19:55 UTC
Have Fun and write ....I am impressed with these stories and their photographs ...of the Participants
Aqu 16, 04 / Jan 16, 20 14:12 UTC
LOL Thanks ,, also could tell others to participate
Aqu 16, 04 / Jan 16, 20 03:19 UTC
Great idea to get more people involved. To bad i am not a writer. My writing skill consist of throw the words together and hope like all get out they make sense. hehe
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Cap 19, 03 / Dec 21, 19 22:03 UTC
Reactor that converts plastic into fuel

The missionary researcher and metallurgist Walter Rosner created and manufactured a reactor that operates at high temperatures and converts common plastic from containers and other sources into fuel for vehicles and machines. According to the Via Oberá portal, the invention allowed Rosner to also solve the serious problem of ...

Aqu 16, 04 / Jan 16, 20 03:23 UTC
This great there needs to be more of these types to help clean up the earth plastics. There are more types one i know of converts all plastics in to diesel and the same system with some adjustments can convert old tires. Keep up the great work.
Cap 20, 03 / Dec 22, 19 15:46 UTC
In Europe, prizes (and money) are awarded for more groundbreaking inventions (2008 - Business for the Environment Award) : :-) I had a problem... a lot of fun
Cap 20, 03 / Dec 22, 19 13:29 UTC
There are many egoists who do not let a project of a poor man get mad , when he can help worldwide, what they do is steal the idea, I hope this man does not happen like everyone else ...
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Cap 15, 03 / Dec 17, 19 18:28 UTC
!Write your Hometown Story!
Asgardians! Write your Hometown Story! Competition for Residents. Soon! stat writing ...end Dic 1, 2020 sponsored by MP Aida M ... Win your Fee for 2012 ,,, Your Story will be in Digital Library by MP Ugur Aydin write your Name down below!
Cap 17, 03 / Dec 19, 19 23:37 UTC
Coming Soon! January i will post the Rules !
Cap 17, 03 / Dec 19, 19 18:16 UTC
Hi Aida! How does it work?
Cap 16, 03 / Dec 18, 19 15:16 UTC
Yes .. it will be history !
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Cap 14, 03 / Dec 16, 19 14:17 UTC
Communication and translation  of language
One of the great resolutions in saving for the nation is buying its own communication and translation team of language. I mentioned it at 0003 at the beginning of the year, and I come back and repeat it ... with all due respect to those professional interpreters who do an ...
Aqu 16, 04 / Jan 16, 20 03:31 UTC
Here is one of the better translating devices that i know about. The website is The latest model is called Ambassador It can hear and translate multiple languages.
Cap 15, 03 / Dec 17, 19 13:00 UTC
Absolutely agree. (a) Poor translations make the entire effort look unprofessional and present the concept of an emerging nation as a group of uneducated and possibly people who are not careful about there work and language. (b) Proper and correct translations of important articles and notices supports the entire community ...
Cap 13, 03 / Dec 15, 19 15:08 UTC
Starlink upgrades, Rocket Lab's
The Mark 3 version is underway now and huge construction efforts going on at the facility itself and a load of components has arrived from the Florida facility. We’ve heard a lot more about the Falcon 9’s mysterious second stage performance tests from the CRS-19 mission where an unexpected drone ...
Cap 12, 03 / Dec 14, 19 20:39 UTC
“Many of the technologies used programs
The launch of five patents of revolutionary electromagnetic and energy propulsion systems that one of its scientists recognized that China is actively developing. China has a secret space program that worries US national security analysts, such as Lt. Gen. Kwast, and this is a key factor behind the launch of ...
Cap 12, 03 / Dec 14, 19 22:01 UTC
Good reporting
Cap 09, 03 / Dec 11, 19 14:07 UTC
Great moments all together
Moments in Vienna with a high energy in joy and love
Cap 10, 03 / Dec 12, 19 22:10 UTC
Cap 10, 03 / Dec 12, 19 16:17 UTC
Cap 09, 03 / Dec 11, 19 19:30 UTC
Is that a test for space food?
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Cap 05, 03 / Dec 7, 19 16:59 UTC
’The Asgardian   a protective umbrella for its people!’
Words of our Asgardia ,,,,Become a part of a movement that will define the future of humanity’s expansion off-planet. Join a global multi-cultural transnational community of like-minded space and science visionaries, forging a new future in space together.
Cap 05, 03 / Dec 7, 19 16:22 UTC
The Future in Space the chosen ones are all!

The Story of the Future At this time when there are still civil wars in Nations of Peace, there are people who believe in rehabilitating a great nation, it will always be 100 only 20 of them could be rehabilitated , the Human mind is not a robotic machine, ...

Cap 05, 03 / Dec 7, 19 16:46 UTC
Thru ... i look the future.... went all does satellite are don!
Cap 05, 03 / Dec 7, 19 16:36 UTC
Do you see army's attack the overall industry? No, because they are the source of the money..
Cap 05, 03 / Dec 7, 19 16:33 UTC
Indeed, you could not stay in defense, for son reason explain there .
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Sag 21, 03 / Nov 25, 19 13:29 UTC
There is no one left over, we all need each other!
We have a dream, not to leave it in a suitcase but to make it come true, We are Work Together,
Sag 20, 03 / Nov 24, 19 10:00 UTC
Today the same Chemistry itself as the first day!
The first day in Estonia have the same Chemistry itself as the first day in Vienna. Most important achievement and the biggest motivation for those who put their souls and hearts into Asgardia,
Sag 20, 03 / Nov 24, 19 11:01 UTC
All happy people, that is how it should be. :-)
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