Aug 2, 03 / Aug 14, 19 22:51 UTC
Write your Hometown Story!
Competition for Residents It is a pleasure to participate with our Residents, Soon you will see many more in the Future of Our Asgardia and Residents, Trust Always remember the sincerity is very important for Our Future Leaders of Asgardia Space Nation That will be Our Youth. A competition sponsored ...
Jul 25, 03 / Aug 9, 19 04:04 UTC
Apollo astronauts 8 got together for the 50th anniversary
From left to right: Charlie Duke (Apollo 16), Buzz Aldrin (Apollo 11), Walter Cunningham (Apollo 7), Al Worden (Apollo 15), Rusty Schweickart (Apollo 9), Harrison Schmitt (Apollo 17), Michael Collins (Apollo 11) and Fred Haise (Apollo 13). Felix Kunze/The Explorers Club Eight astronauts from various Apollo missions gathered together in ...
Jun 9, 03 / May 29, 19 17:23 UTC
Already floating our flag, we will hear Our National Anthem Strong.
If it was today I would make you a song, a song of other times that resound in each wall of your structure in each transmission is heard, heard further on other planets the day of your rebirth, the day you demonstrate rescue everyone and everything, the day that you ...
Jun 1, 03 / May 21, 19 22:00 UTC
Pregunta,,  Ask your Questions   To Parliaments Members
I will pass a link to the group of parliament here will help in the necessary answers.... Copy the link and past it in search,,, don't stay with @ in your mind Pregunta,, Ask your Questions Be like a wise old man who has corrected his faults and a ...
May 28, 03 / May 20, 19 13:42 UTC
My Greeting to all Residents, Bless you all ...
May 24, 03 / May 16, 19 15:46 UTC
Asgardians From Pennylvania USA
I am From Pennsylvania, who live Near, we could make a Meeting I work in Communities Security and Justice.
May 24, 03 / May 16, 19 14:12 UTC
Gym for our Competition athletes Asgardians

To keep our youth, employees and competitors is necessary to keep them healthy and healthy mind out of vices and problems,,, I propose a proposal where they could have for each, space areas with different training as well as exercise equipment, swimming, aerobic, track and combo. climbing of mountains, ...

May 25, 03 / May 17, 19 11:07 UTC
Thanks Wandore yes all its inclued also its good to receive Asgardia idea in sport .
May 25, 03 / May 17, 19 05:45 UTC
I like this idea! We can also make something like marathons or competitions with sponsoehip and charity
May 24, 03 / May 16, 19 19:56 UTC
Indeed Emin ...and contact each other,
See all 5 comments
May 20, 03 / May 12, 19 13:09 UTC
Sowing the seed, when the seedling is strong, good fruits grows through its branches,
First Asgardia Goverments Do not do things by obligation, If you really want to do them, do them with passion. The bird does not sing because it is committed to the sun, the bird sings because he loves to celebrate and enjoy his gift. - Arnau de Tera - No ...
May 20, 03 / May 12, 19 12:49 UTC
The discovery of superionic ice potentially solves the puzzle of what giant icy planets.
Recently at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics in Brighton, New York, one of the world’s most powerful lasers blasted a droplet of water, creating a shock wave that raised the water’s pressure to millions of atmospheres and its temperature to thousands of degrees. X-rays that beamed through the droplet in ...
May 20, 03 / May 12, 19 14:32 UTC
As a simple example. Lets take a cube of ice and put it in a cube of metal, this has then potential energy in the form of pressure by heating. Now, If we would take ice + an electric crystal and put it in the same metal cube whereby both ...
May 20, 03 / May 12, 19 14:00 UTC
Looks like cold places are storing energy in different forms. Sort of dark energy that is hidden from our senses. We need to science us the heaven out of this one. Positive (=negative) energy storage that would lead to the good use of energy in space and on earth. Good ...
May 20, 03 / May 12, 19 13:03 UTC
Very interesting.
May 14, 03 / May 6, 19 21:09 UTC
A massive asteroid will pass between the moon and the earth in the year 2082

CANARIAN Astrophysics Institute researchers believe a massive asteroid will pass between the moon and the earth in the year 2082 – near enough to the planet to cause a 'significant risk'.

The Solar System group have been using the huge telescope based in the Canary Islands ...

May 14, 03 / May 6, 19 00:52 UTC
The Asgardian greeting!  & Name would you like for first Baby Born on Asgardia Platform!
What would you like the Asgardian greeting to be and what name would you like for the first Baby Born on Platform Cual te gustaria que sea el saludo Asgardiano y cual nombre te gustaria para el primer Bebe Nacido en la Plataforma Espacial. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Knowing that Some Dear Members ...
May 13, 03 / May 5, 19 01:59 UTC
The imagination of our future children
The child is born with his great imagination no matter race color, sex, or social level. when something is proposed by them they will just work on it, no matter how just direct them and give them what they need with Love, they will be grateful even if they do ...
May 13, 03 / May 5, 19 01:28 UTC
If you work hard you will reap * success *
Today the Yoda Date.....he tells a Story, This is from "A successful businessman, he was getting old and he knew it was time to choose a successor to take over his company. Instead of choosing one of his managers or his children, he decided to do something different. He called ...
May 4, 03 / Apr 26, 19 21:30 UTC
Asgardia is There, here and everywhere
Asgardia is There, here and everywhere, Land, Space, My friend,,, and all Asgardians ,,,, Asgardia will not exist in its own physical structure but in all the planet Earth, in the human being, in the proposals, in the approvals, in the videos, in the talks, in the trips, in the ...
May 3, 03 / Apr 25, 19 21:16 UTC
First Parliamentes Members
First MP In the history of Asgardia Space Nation In Vienna Austria
May 3, 03 / Apr 25, 19 21:51 UTC
thanks Ivan Indeed yes History.
May 3, 03 / Apr 25, 19 21:42 UTC
Memories... :-)
Apr 20, 03 / Apr 14, 19 19:43 UTC
The lies

Preventing humankind's potential progress in earth single versions of lies

Why lose yourself among the lies, who is your worst enemy

lies to take advantage of the innocence of those who are unaware of the truth, of those ...

May 3, 03 / Apr 25, 19 22:12 UTC
Apr 24, 03 / Apr 18, 19 16:06 UTC
Thank you for this.
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