Aug 31, 17 / Lib 19, 01 15:46 UTC
The Wall Street Journal's criticism of Asgardia.

I just read the article from the wall street journal, it was well written and brutally honest about some of the issues that we're currently facing in Asgardia. Problems that are going to hamper our development if we can't sort them out -- one point that keeps getting brought ...

Aug 23, 17 / Lib 11, 01 20:17 UTC
Elon Musk shares first picture of spacex space suit.


It might look like something out of a Science Fiction movie, but this is actually a functional space-suit developed for SpaceX. It's likely that if we do venture into space any time soon, we'll be wearing something similar. Better get those ...

Aug 23, 17 / Lib 11, 01 10:38 UTC
Interview by the Wall street journal.

An interesting morning this morning -- I've been going about my business recently, working on my understanding of Virtual Reality and studying not only its applications and how they can benefit us, but also learning how to create virtual worlds using unity game engine.

However, shortly after ...

Jun 25, 17 / Leo 08, 01 20:35 UTC
How Virtual reality will impact distance learning
Aug 8, 17 / Vir 24, 01 07:55 UTC

This is of particular interest to me as an open university student. The lack of social interaction is a good thing for me. I struggle with crowds. It would be a good thing, though, if virtual environments were made convenient enough to provide casual meet up and discussion areas. ...

Aug 3, 17 / Vir 19, 01 23:53 UTC

A definite way forward, Congratulations Ross, excellent report.

Aug 3, 17 / Vir 19, 01 15:31 UTC

This will indeed help many Asgardians, and i love Star Trek to death, Your hard work will pay off.

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Jun 22, 17 / Leo 05, 01 11:47 UTC
Virtual Space for our nation

Who am I?

I am Ross Cheeseright, I am 33 years old. I run a Digital Marketing business and I am studying Software Engineering at Southampton Solent University. I have spent years working with data as an analyst and following redundancy, I ...

Oct 26, 17 / Oph 19, 01 14:37 UTC
Oct 24, 17 / Oph 17, 01 13:38 UTC

That's right. Voting on Parliament will be language based. There will be 68 'English' seats. So anyone with English as their primary language will be able to run or vote for another person with English.

Oct 24, 17 / Oph 17, 01 11:56 UTC

I hope they do :) I also heard they're eventually changing the region thing so that you can vote on anyone in your language group at least!

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