May 14, 18 / Gem 22, 02 16:01 UTC

I'm the kind of person who will go to the mat for what I believe in. Champion of the underdog and downtrodden, defender of right. I live my personal and professional life with integrity, honesty, curiosity and hard work.

My Background:
I worked in ...

Apr 24, 19 / Gem 02, 03 18:12 UTC
How is everything going for you at the Parliament? I hope Good so far? I am looking forward to the update of what the next step that you are working on.
Jun 22, 18 / Leo 05, 02 23:18 UTC
Excellent to see a fellow Canadian Asgardian represent us!
May 19, 18 / Gem 27, 02 19:53 UTC
You're quite charismatic on paper Leah. I sincerely hope that you truly are a defender of the right in lieu of stating that you voice your personal opinion, even when its not a popular one. So easy is it to deceive others so early in this forming government, people grasping ...
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