The ANN was designed to begin generating print media from within the community; though published material from Asgardia NGO and Civic Asgardia are shared here as well, we encourage any and all writers in our nation to feel free to contribute their influences into the article pool (we call it giving it the ‘’Asgardian” flavor). 

Feel free to write about any of the listed topics:
News from your community (as it relates to Asgardia)
Scientific Discoveries and Material
Asgardian Culture/Music/Arts

Please follow these guidelines for your submission.

  1. Make your article interesting. Talk about something Asgardians would be interested in reading about, perhaps updates from your local community chapters, expansion of the Asgardian concept, etc.
  2. Refrain from plagiarism or paraphrasing. Please don’t “rewrite” articles, if someone else has already written them. Do not share articles written by non-Asgardian contributors, as this defeats the purpose of internally generated material.
  3. Topic Sensitivity. Do not write articles that contain strong violence or sexual references, or highlight ideologies based on radical or theological concepts. The use of curse words is considered unprofessional and they will be removed from your article. Do not write articles attacking entities or organizations within Asgardia. Criticism is acceptable if it is constructive.
  4. Provide references to back up your statements of facts. Articles requiring additional fact-checking or multiple attempts at correction will be refused for publishing.
  5. Avoid Pseudoscience articles. We’re sorry, but until the Ghostbusters release their hardware blueprints, we are unable to process articles based off of metaphysics.
  6. Be professional. The community will be reading your articles, it’s important to make a good impression. Be informative, precise and unbiased.

Those interested can begin submitting their articles by sending them to From there, volunteer editors will check grammar and spelling, fact check as necessary and then post the article. Please note, our editors will not edit the content of your article or adjust the meaning or topic.