Cap 21, 00 / Dec 22, 16 09:47 UTC

Aquaponics should this be a good solution? A nearly close ecosystem for growing both plants and animals

Cap 21, 00 / Dec 22, 16 13:57 UTC

I have a recurrent dream about making a big self sufficient facility in Africa haha

Africa because I assume the lands there are low costs, but with technology we could feed every one in it.

Cap 21, 00 / Dec 22, 16 14:16 UTC

Ahah sure :p they already have done some hydroponics in the desert, right?

Cap 28, 00 / Dec 29, 16 02:02 UTC

Indeed it's a key solution boot for food production, human waste management and atmospheric control.

Aqu 18, 01 / Jan 18, 17 06:50 UTC

Aquaponic, if someone is interested here is great link:) :)

Aqu 20, 01 / Jan 20, 17 03:19 UTC

lets talk shop now.

How many people are there going to be? feeding? Air production? Waste production? Which plants are we growing? How many? How many fish? what type of Fish? How much food will THEY need? adjustments that may be made? What will they be made of? How many people will be needed to maintain it? How many hours or maintenance? What is going to be the overall size? Water consumption? Price to get up? electrical input?

And what are the differences of Commercial, private and research sets?

(You can take which ever questions you want and I will adjust and combine whatever information you give and see if I can do a full report.)

Aqu 21, 01 / Jan 21, 17 18:45 UTC

Sure, can't say which plants or fishes, the main rule is algaes with saltwater fishes and plants for freshwater ones. I can research if it will be a good project

Aqu 22, 01 / Jan 22, 17 22:03 UTC

Soikiro, I have done some research in this subject before, now I am not expert but I know a thing or two. I believe that we should stay in a freshwater environment. It allows for the use of carp, talapia, and catfish, which are fast growing, fast reproducing, very adaptable, and edible. We could use fresh water algae (albeit not as effective as salt water algae) which would also allow the desalinization and detoxification of the Asgardians water waste to be more mainstreamed. But could you do some more research into salt water fish, algae and plants that could be used please? Salt water may have its benefits in space that the two of us do not know.

Aqu 23, 01 / Jan 23, 17 13:47 UTC

Dear fellow Asgardians,

Here is an interesting sustainable Aquaponics project in Germany: , which I am in touch with sideways through my research in ultra-weak photon emission by living systems ("biophotons"). I find sustainability very important, thus with circulation of materials and energy and without waste, also no waste in space. On Earth I live in a sustainable neighborhood. Whatever we are going to launch should happen in my humble opinion with as little pollution as possible.

Pis 01, 01 / Jan 29, 17 14:20 UTC

i have been working in the design of a bio laboratory aimed to study how to colonize outer space, a Bryosphere can feed a Biosphere with multiple species, the focus is tolerate our extinction, lets conduct a multidisciplinary investigation about the suject. respond if you are interested.

Link to video and PDF

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Sag 24, 01 / Nov 28, 17 08:46 UTC

Having set up and run an aquaponics system for over two years in a row now I think its the best way to go.

Aqu 09, 02 / Jan 9, 18 00:51 UTC

I am also in both Hydroponic and Aquaponics. I believe it should be more widely used than it is today.

Aqu 09, 02 / Jan 9, 18 01:39 UTC

Fresh water is the only way to go really a saltwater design really limits which plants you can grow

Aqu 09, 02 / Jan 9, 18 09:09 UTC

hmm almost agree, with fresh water you have a wider choice of what you can grow, but with saltwater you can grow algae , which are widely used

Aqu 09, 02 / Jan 9, 18 20:14 UTC

algae can also be grown in fresh water. Is there a certain kind of algae you wanna grow Stephen?