Feb 26, 18 / Ari 01, 02 23:28 UTC


As I was talking to Mr. Stephen de Rosa (also another biotechnologist), he suggested the idea of creating ASGARDIAN BEER.

And to be honest this is a genius idea, why?

  1. It can become an internationally famous brand (most people like beer) and we have people from everywhere here.
  2. It can generate revenue for ASGARDIA.
  3. It can help ASGARDIA expand.
  4. Professionalism and Commitment will be the key to success.

As a Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineer in my university days I used to teach courses about making beer (professionally and home brew) so I am very aware of the process itself and how to start/develop/manage. Mr. Stephen was also interested, everyone is most welcome to help.

So today I was at home and started making some sketches about it (production process, types, materials, etc)

The name: ASGARDIAN BEER (it can be different, we have to think about it - suggest your idea in the comments)

The logo: well I'm no designer so I don't have to skills but I would suggest creating a contest for the best design.

What we will need to start:

  1. The heads of our nation to embrace the idea,
  2. Project funding,
  3. Select a location,
  4. Start the project.

(Maybe start a crowdfunding campaign?)

Here is my work contact (if you are interested in the project, let me know):




Please, share your thoughts.

For Asgardia.

Feb 27, 18 / Ari 02, 02 08:36 UTC


First we select a location for easy distribution and materials

>What will be the base of the our beer?

-Corn(maize), Rice, wheat, anything that can provide sugar (can be literally any plant with a high concentration of sugars, preferably extremely cheap for the cost) or pure malt.

PS: Just because it is cheap to produce doesn't mean it won't be tasty

>Then we select a country that has easy access to other countries in order to facilitate the distribution and lower the cost of production

-Corn (can be USA), Rice (India or China), Barley (Most european countries), etc.

>Then we scale up the production based on the project funding

-Land price, materials for building, transportation prices, etc.

>The difference between our beer from another beers?

-First it will be the brand and the appeal = you will be funding ASGARDIA by buying our beer

-Second, once we have selected the location we can add a special touch: fruits, adding something special in the process, there are a lot of ways to improve the beer (the main goal is to be cheap)

And then we go from there.

Feb 27, 18 / Ari 02, 02 14:01 UTC

This is an argument I love :P . The beer taste will depend on water, location, ingredients and even yeast lines, that's why under one brand, you can usually find many types of beer. And that's why Asgardian Beer could be a great idea, because every country has its own specialized ingredients. so the beer will be the same but always with different tastes (ex. on malt-rich countries it can become a great IPA or APA, or in wine-specialized ones it will become a Lambic, and so on). Also, producing it locally can reduce the costs of the transport (unless you want to import it)

It's a bit theatrical, but I suppose the correct answer to "what will the beer taste" would be only "it will taste like Asgardia" :P

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Mar 29, 18 / Tau 04, 02 22:54 UTC

I really like the Idea, not only beer, but others. You have business mind , GREAT.  But one thing that we should consider. ASGARDIA  is the name of Nation and will soon Omnipresent in any mainstream media and yellow press as well. We are all supposed to be treating it with full respect. Would ATSN Government to allow us to bear the respected name on consumer products? Or would there be a way out ?  Like ,we could name those consumer products with any good name other than Asgardia, but ASTN Government would recognise and approve those Asgardian products by stamping any mark or logo or emblem you name it. ASGR ,or ASG, or AS  on the label.

Apr 12, 18 / Tau 18, 02 23:44 UTC

If Redbull gives you wings, then Asgardia Beer makes you time travel ! lol 

No really, this is an awesome Idea. From a marketing point of view this concept can be branded so good ! 

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