Jul 9, 17 / Leo 22, 01 19:01 UTC

BEER!.. No, seriously, we should have a pool of microorganisms for production  

For the sake of self sustainability and good taste , any suggestions for resistant yeast lines for a good production of beer, cheese and any fermentation products? take this seriously, because the same criteria can be replicated for bioremediation, biofuel production and so on

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Reason: awful english, sorry, better "criteria" than "conditions"

Jul 10, 17 / Leo 23, 01 07:43 UTC

Cerevisiae is a great vitamin B12 source, but there are other cell lines for more flavour

Jul 12, 17 / Leo 25, 01 20:56 UTC

Great topic! Definitely something that should be discussed.

Many years ago I tried, and failed miserably, at making my own wine. I've heard that beer and cider can be finicky beverages to create as well! 

Jul 13, 17 / Leo 26, 01 21:08 UTC

wine is difficult O.o it has a great pool of yeasts, and if you stock it in wood barrels you risk brettanomyces contaminations which ruin the flavour. the alternative is to purify it and add your own yeast but it will become... "commercial" , let's say

Jul 14, 17 / Leo 27, 01 05:13 UTC

Beer and cider can be made with common yeast (Saccaromyces Cerevisiae), you can control the flavour by varying quantities of malt and hop for beer, and variety of apples for cider (and with quality of water for both)

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