Jun 18, 17 / Leo 01, 01 19:20 UTC


For a space/earth defense society no one seems very organized. I see nothing about proper decontamination methods for both terrestrials and extraterrestrials, we dont want our first impression to be that we killed an important ambassador with the flu do we? Likewise, it would be unwise to immediately die of some extraterrestrial virus or bacterium. Also an immediate concern, space debris breaking orbit and killing someone is a thing now. I submit that Asgardia's first act should be to deal with obsolete and broken down satellites, fuel booster ejections, and/or any other item that qualifies as terrestrial garbage.

Jul 22, 17 / Vir 07, 01 04:21 UTC

Cleaning up "space junk" is already a stated use for the Asgardian colony and I believe if you where to search more on the site there are plenty of medical implications. I myself had written in forums about proper ways to deal with viral and bacterial outbreaks.  

Dec 13, 17 / Cap 11, 01 13:57 UTC

способы решения проблемы нередко оказываются боллее интересны чем сама проблема.Для борьбы с космическим мусором очень хороши самовоспроизводящиеся микророботы-которые хорошо размножаются на луне и астероидах .А еще они хороши для борьбы с теми кому может не понравиться наше маленькое космическое королевство.

solutions to problems are often more interesting than the problem itself.To combat space debris is a very good self-replicating micro-robots-which are well propagated on both the moon and asteroids .And they are good for dealing with those who might not like our little space Kingdom.

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