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Re: I got chicken pox very afflictive, how to treat?  

For starters, make sure you DO NOT SCRATCH IT no matter how much it itches. If you absolutely must, use gloves and rub, don't scratch. 

Also, whatever you do DO NOT TAKE ASPIRIN!! Seriously, it can cause Reye's Syndrome.

Now, outside of what you should avoid, you should go see a doctor. 

If you cannot, the only thing you can do is suffer through it. Antihistamines might help with the itching, a cool bath with baking soda will help with basic skin irritation (not too much baking soda, you are just trying to adjust the pH a bit, less than a cup for a whole bath). Calamine lotion usually works pretty well. You can try tyenol or ibuprofen if you have a fever but, again, NO ASPIRIN. Homeopathic remedies include honey, carrots, coriander, and basil. 

For more natural topical treatment, you can use aloe vera, honey, lavender, and/or brown vinegar. Epsom salts is only good if it becomes painful and inflamed.

You should probably also take 1000mg of vitamin C per day (2000 if you can handle it) and a vitamin B6 supplement to boost the immune system. If at any time your muscles start to ache, cut back on the vitamin C.


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If you are looking for a natural solution... After taking my children to the holistic doctor, this was the recommended treatment and it worked really well.

The chicken pox is an illness that affects the liver on the inside of the body, and makes itself known by the itchy rash on the skin. Apple cider vinegar and water rubbed on the rash with some cotton helps to dry it quickly and take out the itch. Since it is natural you can do this as much as you need. Also, a spoon of rosemary extract in a glass of water should be taken 3 times a day before meals. This helps to clean the liver from this illness so that when you are older the chances are unlikely that you will get them again, including the shingles or ring of fire as it is called for older people. Hope you feel better soon.

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I just researched. Interferon should help, but really you should see a doctor.


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Listen to phicksur sorry I spelt your name wrong, but he told you all you need to know and how to deal with it, read what he said and follow iy.

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isn't interpheron a bit heavy for therapy? O.o don't stress immune system too much, try to ease the pain with the first suggestions

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 Home Remedies For Chickenpox – Chickenpox affect people in any age, but the chances were less mostly it affects children under 12. Chickenpox can occur due to varicella-zoster virus. Chickenpox is very much contagious and even spread by physical contact. So make sure that if your colleague or any family member is suffering from chickenpox then always create some distance from him and do not share clothes, towels, bedsheet with them.

Symptoms Of ChickenPox

  1. Itchy rashes or red spot all over the body
  2. Fever
  3. Fatigue
  4. Loss of appetite

For more information check out the link given below