Dec 29, 17 / Cap 27, 01 21:55 UTC

Notifications do not show up  

Please can you fix this problem? When I'm signed in and click on the notifications button the notifications don't show up. Thank you for your help.

Dec 31, 17 / Cap 29, 01 08:36 UTC

I have the same problem I Cant watch my 114 notifications

I am annoyed about all bugs of the website 

Jan 4, 18 / Aqu 04, 02 17:02 UTC

I do believe as we are all facing the same problem. hope it will be fixed soon.


Jan 20, 18 / Aqu 20, 02 01:09 UTC

I have the same problem, and I'm trying to run for Parliament.  In fact, this has been one frustrating set-back after another.  Somehow, there are people here who've had, apparently, NO problems, and they're the ones in the lead.  It took me two weeks to upload my information properly, then I had the server reject my blog posts, and now whoever the anonymous, random people are who get to select what counts as a valid referendum issue... keep rejecting my petitions, with barely any information, and especially not any real suggestions as to how to fix the alleged issues.  This is really starting to get to me.  I nearly threw my laptop the other day because of the whole half hour blog disappearing into thin air thing... and why can't I use the damned hyphen button!?  Seriously!?