Nov 15, 17 / Sag 11, 01 17:31 UTC

Unable to submit my candidacy  

Hi everybody,

I was trying to submit my candidacy for the Parliamentary Elections, but once i click submit I get redirected to a blank grey page...

Anyone that knows why?


Nov 28, 17 / Sag 24, 01 00:02 UTC

Hello for assistance please  email Good luck !

Dec 1, 17 / Sag 27, 01 01:09 UTC

I had a candidate profile that was removed, they won't tell me why and when I try to make changes it goes to a screen that says "website currently down, will be back in a few minutes." It has been a couple of days, I think this is a power play to eliminate candidates.

Dec 2, 17 / Cap 00, 01 02:07 UTC

hola saludos.ya llene todos los requisitos para la candidatura pero no acepta el curriculum.porque sera? esta en pdf y pesa apenas 300 kb