Jun 16, 17 / Can 27, 01 03:44 UTC

Uploading Images  

I can't figure out what the guidelines are for uploading a profile image. There's no indication of what the size limit is and when I try to upload any photo, I get as far as selecting a file from my dropbox/computer. Once I select the file...nothing. No error message, no "this file is too big," just nothing! No indication at all that there was even any attempt to submit a file for upload. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I've tried resizing the image but without any specifications, I've no idea if the file size is even the problem.

Jun 16, 17 / Can 27, 01 08:10 UTC

This function - profile picture upload - is still not working. Please make sure you will make it high priority since we all should and would love to see faces of people we connect and deal with before we meet in person. this is also a matter of security and way to spread the news about Asgardia