Dec 21, 16 / Cap 20, 00 18:08 UTC


Should we start a business on asgardia name so that we can start generating funds

Jan 4, 17 / Aqu 04, 01 22:57 UTC

Good day fellow asgardian,

I don't think we should or can do that.

One thing I know will be considered is if we start businesses that work and enhance asgardian image and pride, we can look for endorsement from Asgardia.

I don't think it would be fair for others if some people start recklessly and unofficially displaying asgardian "stuff". Most business fail, we shouldn't be linked with failure.

On the other hand, I think you should take that to legal because technically you should be able to display where you are from " like French or Chinese" in your products without requesting it to your government.

Thing is Asgardia is a trademark for now, not a country yet... And you also pay taxes to your government not to Asgardia yet, again.

So, maybe repost this in the Civil Justice wing. Il be around because I also would like to officially know.

Have a nice day,

Jan 4, 17 / Aqu 04, 01 23:51 UTC

Hi Wellwisher,

There is an offical channel to contribute to Asgardia. Not only will you be contributing to Asgarida, but you will also get a keepsake in return!

Jan 27, 17 / Aqu 27, 01 06:06 UTC

could we possibly get businesses that already exist to help fund the station build like if they contribute to the funding they will get a spot on the station to sell their goods i think it would be a good way to get some investors other than it just coming from all the people of asgardia i mean we should definitely help fund it but it probably wont be enough so why not sell store fronts on the station for some extra funding

Feb 9, 17 / Pis 12, 01 12:05 UTC

@ Fenris 1990,

I like the idea, but why there are no response from the Asgardians in this forum ?

Feb 19, 17 / Pis 22, 01 21:19 UTC

@Ogee Prayogee i think your referring to the asgardians in charge. with my suggestion i know we are nowhere near that point yet to be able to sell commercial spots on a station that doesn't even have plans of being built yet but it would be nice to know if they see some of these suggestions and if they are even considering some of the suggestions people give in the forums they might and i just don't know it i haven't looked through all of the threads but like i said it would be nice to here from the people in charge more often and if they see our ideas or even consider to implement them into future plans but then again they are very busy people with everything that they are doing and they cant respond to everyone about everything posted maybe they could do a weekly or monthly announcement where they basically give us status report and maybe highlight some of the great ideas that asgardians come up with

Sep 5, 17 / Lib 24, 01 14:59 UTC

@ Fenris 1990, ha3  , you are right , we'd better wait until the Ministry in Charge appointed.

Nov 19, 17 / Sag 15, 01 19:11 UTC

Hey guys, Voices of Asgardia has attempted this and I wanted to give you some insight from our situation.

We started the radio station at last year in the attempt to build a media business to promote Asgardian culture. We submitted a business plan in November, and have attempted multiple times to create a funding stream. We have paid hundreds of dollars out of our own pockets to keep the station running.

Basically what we were told from Asgardia's administration is to wait until the business ministry was developed, and that we could expect an answer then.