Jan 4, 18 / Aqu 04, 02 05:43 UTC

Make money now!  

The time it's overdue to make money.

 Cryptocurrencies software is any things but not new. We could implement it in Asgardia in less than a month if we will. 

Making an open platform for SEO, SMM, digital marketing and traditional ones where all Asgardian having the competence gone a be able to receive commissions. The tokins could be Solars this will increase the value of our national currency.  

A part of the profits could be used to the conception of the Ark. An Ark providing the possibility for space tourism and also the location of some units. The promotion by the Asgardians who have the competence. The commissions could be huge and the profits applied to grow our territory will give a real possibility to have a free viable permanent habitat at least for the first 100 thousand Asgardians.

Faster we make money faster we get our Kingdom. Making it a reality now it's a possibility.

What do you think what could you do, please do reply?



Jan 4, 18 / Aqu 04, 02 06:14 UTC

Isn't this what the solar is? Acryptocurrany 

Jan 4, 18 / Aqu 04, 02 08:54 UTC

  Dear Johnathan T.C. you are almost right. The Solar is a future cryptocurrency but not yet available and my point is to accelerate the process, (Make money now). Also to bring the debate about the platform where the Solar will be sell and the opportunity for Asgardians to make profits by promoting it.  

Mar 30, 18 / Tau 05, 02 12:36 UTC

Yes, you are right Sylvain Bradford. But to me , It' very frustrating why the forums have always been quiet. 

Apr 2, 18 / Tau 08, 02 00:57 UTC

Expected all Asgardians to be productive , how are we going to achieve that mentality , we would need a spark of fire between Agardian Citizens and the Government  Executive .