Now a days we have seen world is thinking about implementation of blockchain technology. Because it is one the secure technology in the world and it very much difficult to hack. Now lets talk about opportunities :-

Being a student we have to take Blockchain as an opportunity because it is in initial stage and development is running on it. For clearling opportunity concept i want to go to past when internet was invented, It was used in universities on single server and only those universities  students could be accessed internet and then people came up with an idea Web2.0 and we would able to used host server for access websites from anywhere for example - I could easily browse internet website from far away place

NOTE - You know when internet invented it was decentralized

Now Block chain opportunities -

You know there are only few people who knows about blockchain technology and how it is technically work and how blocks are created.

Crypto currency is only one of the application that was gone viral in 2009.

blockchain can be used for maintaining the record on any person or any entity.

Guyz Share your thinking and idea so we can explore more about blockchain