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Hello and good day fellow Asgardians, as part of Asgardia’s Parliamentary Elections in electoral district #1 (English), allow me to share my dreams and goals with you at this exciting time in human history.

Campaign Statement

I seek to contribute to Asgardia Space Kingdom in a leadership position within the Parliament of Asgardia. Since joining in June, I have been an active member within the community and have contributed my time and energy to spread the ideas of Asgardia and do research. If elected, I will work with the other members of Parliament and bring the skills I have acquired from my work and studies outside Asgardia. I have created and was, the administrator for my own group on the Steam video-gaming platform and have core knowledge in international politics with specialised knowledge in innovation. I have a skillset for nurturing relationships with others to collaborate on projects and issues. My interests and skillset in innovation, communication, politics, design and business allows me to work with others on social, economic and political issues that may affect Asgardia. If elected, I plan to use my skills, and experience as a leader to best meet the needs of Asgardian citizens and advance our developments to pursue Asgardia’s national goals of “[ensuring] the peaceful use of space… [protecting] the planet Earth from space threats… [and] [creating] a demilitarized and free scientific base of knowledge in space.” As well as to pursue my vision of making Earth a residential planet and making humanity a free, space-faring and multi-planetary species.

Who am I?

My name is Steven Wang and I am a 19-year-old Innovation and Design student at Melbourne’s Swinburne University of Technology, one of the top design universities in the world (Rank 32, 2016).

I am studying Innovation and Design and researching ways to help humanity reach the stars. My Bachelor’s course also includes elective subjects on International Politics, Business Law and Business Information Systems. My interests span from video games to space innovation and politics.

Vision for Humanity’s Future

We are living in the most exciting and dangerous times of human history - the on-going threat of environmental degradation, poverty and conflict affecting our planet is irrational and changes must be made. Our technologies to reach space must also be utilised and developed to allow us to live in space. We need innovative solutions now more than ever before, to solve these problems and secure humanity’s future.

It is my belief that Asgardia Space Kingdom can achieve its goals while helping our planet become more prosperous for the next generations of humanity. Which is why I seek a place in Parliament to make sure that as a nation we are progressing in the right direction and that our actions do not lead to greater deterioration of our planet along the way. We can make our Space Nation and space living a reality for all of humanity, the systems must be in place first to allow us to take the next steps, I seek to help implement these systems so that we can build our space nation together as one humanity.

My ultimate vision is to see Earth become a residential planet free from heavy industry and pollution. The first step to take is to bring industry to outer space and then move the polluting factories and power plants into space or nullified to prevent further damage here on Earth. This will allow humanity to focus on exploring the Solar System and becoming a multi-planetary species.

My Accomplishments in Asgardia

In this world there are too many dreamers and too few doers, let me show you my determination through the work I have done for our space nation as a citizen.

1. Since June 23 rd , I have been a candidate in the Leadership elections for the position of Strategist.

2. Since joining Asgardia, I have participated in debates and discussions on various topics regarding our space nation and other areas with prominent Asgardians such as Ross Cheeseright, who is also running in the elections.

3. Published a short research article on the psychology of colours on human emotions on my blog. [September 9, 2017].

4. Designed a flyer to spread the ideas of Asgardia Space Nation to fellow students at my university campus and online. [October 12, 2017].

5. Published a short article on my vision to make Earth a residential planet for future human civilisations. [November 15, 2017].

6. Published a research report on environmental control and life support systems (ECLSS) for all Asgardians to read. [November 17, 2017].

7. Designed and published an Asgardia wallpaper for desktops on my blog. [November 20, 2017]

8. My Asgardia flyer and ECLSS research report have been chosen and featured by the Asgardia administration, receiving over 380 likes by fellow Asgardians on Facebook. [October 13 & November 18, 2017].

My Progress in Asgardia

1. I am doing further research on space technologies and space habitat design.

2. My initiative to provide quality educational research to Asgardians is being worked on alongside my research and design projects.

3. Currently brainstorming new methods of teaching for high school students and learning in space.

4. Working on designing products to be used in space for information processing and space living.

5. Informing others of Asgardia through verbal and non-verbal communication mediums.

6. Encouraging greater initiative and innovative mindset among people.

My Goals in Parliament

  1. Lead by Example
    1. Show Asgardians that there is hope for the future, inspire others to contribute.
    2. Convince non-citizens to help make Asgardia a reality for humanity.
    3. Inspire action through my own accomplishments on display.
    4. Encourage innovative thinking by all Asgardians.
    5. Act to improve the social, political and economic relations in Asgardia.

  2. Preserve Unity through Communications
    1. Stay active and participate in discussions on and Facebook/other.
    2. Find better and more efficient ways of communicating with other Asgardians.
    3. Emphasise the importance of good communication in achieving our goals.
    4. Unite Asgardians under a common collective of space pursuit through verbal and non-verbal communication systems.

  3. Design New Education Systems
    1. Inform Asgardians of the importance of good education for the next generations.
    2. Research and design innovative ways to teach other Asgardians.
    3. Prototype and test new concepts of education systems.
    4. Design of educational institutions suited for space environments.

  4. Work with Others for Solutions
    1. Collaborate with other leaders and prominent Asgardians to solve problems.
    2. Help nurture healthy relations between Asgardians for projects.
    3. Use diplomatic and soft power approaches to resolve disputes.
    4. Welcome new ideas from many and different Asgardians.

  5. Establish a Culture of Innovation and Knowledge
    1. Continue working on my free education initiative ‘Asgardia Scientia’ to educate Asgardians and let the community appreciate research and knowledge acquisition.
    2. Market science and innovation communications to promote a culture and society of science and innovation.
    3. Host and organise competitions of science and innovation projects for the public.
    4. Encourage scientific and innovative thinking through the media and workspaces.
    5. New social norms with appreciation and equality of the arts, sciences and creative disciplines.

  6. Push for Space Technology Development
    1. Coordinate budgets to give space technology development top priority.
    2. Organise groups and specialists to focus on technology innovation.
    3. Communicate with leaders on laws and policy regarding the use of technology in space.
    4. Encourage greater motivation for new space concepts and technologies.

Ways to Support Me