Feb 12, 18 / Pis 15, 02 05:17 UTC

Re: Asgardia Resources  

mining seems to be the only solution at first once we get there 

Feb 12, 18 / Pis 15, 02 07:21 UTC

Thank you for mentioning me in your article. This is an excellent article Valery! If I may, I would add the following. We have one non-material asset that can become very material even after a while. If I go to parliament, I would like to include in mandatory requirements for citizens of Asgardia - the knowledge of one or several programming languages, and for this purpose to organize in Asgardia mandatory courses on teaching citizens first to the basics of programming, then to in-depth study of one programming language. Why do you ask? I will try to answer.
Firstly - programming is one of the highest paid jobs in the world. In the world there is a great imbalance in this field and skilled programmers are not enough (with experience of 3 years), and in general, there are a lot of programmers in the world, but they either know obsolete dead languages or have low qualifications. And we need highly skilled and qualified programmers who write code in the languages Java SE, Java EE, C #, Android Java, Swift (IOS), Python, PHP, JavaScript, Html, CSS. In such programmers, there is a shortage all over the world. And most importantly, qualified programmers who know a bunch of popular languages will be able to get a job at a high-paying remote job both in Asgardia in time and in any company in the world where they practice remote work and require programmers with this set of languages.
We need to open such an institution! And run there at least 4 training programs, a basic introduction course in programming that studies the basics of programming that are common to all languages, logical operations, mathematical operations, basic concepts and principles, building block schemes.
And to open 3 specialized courses:
The 1st specialized course is the study of Java languages Java SE + Java EE + Spring + C #
Having studied this bundle of languages, a person can write desktop applications for any operating system and write server applications. And also write code for Web applications and do complex scientific calculations.

The 2nd specialized course is the study of the languages Java SE + Android Java + Kotlin + Swift
Having studied this bundle of languages, a person will be able to write applications on almost all mobile platforms except Window Mobile which is not particularly popular in the world.

The 3rd specialized course is the study of the languages Html, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Node.js, AngularJS
Having studied this bundle of languages, a person will become a highly professional web developer of sites and web applications

For example, the average annual salary of programmers in the US for 2016 with a work experience of 3 years, in general, the world picture is approximately the same.
From $90000 per year to $110000 per year ( from $7500 per month to $9166 per month!). With the experience of development from 0 to 1 year, and remote work salary can be in the region from $ 1000 to $ 2500 per month with a gradual increase as the experience grows.

If we can organize programming training at the state level, quality remote education for all citizens, and make it mandatory for all in time, we will get the most educated and high-tech nation of people who have a constant high stable income and who will be happy to pay voluntary taxes laid down in our constitution.

Let's imagine that each graduate of our Institute of Programming of Asgardia will be arranged for basic or additional work on the programming profile and will earn an additional $ 1000 to $ 3000 per month for the first year ($ 2000 on average in the first year) thanks to the training at the Institute of Asgardia. I am sure that then citizens will be happy to pay 10% of their income from this activity as a voluntary tax in Asgardia, right?
Now suppose that all 174,000 citizens are qualified programmers, we will be able to get the GDP of Asgardia in the region of 5 billion US dollars and deductions in the form of voluntary taxes of 500 million dollars or more due to this fact. And this, not counting taxes from organizations under the flag of Asgardia, which will use the work of these programmers.

Feb 12, 18 / Pis 15, 02 12:09 UTC

Agree with Valery Grancher.

People and IT is what we have for now to build a nation. What are our options? Bitcoin massive mining? 

Disagree with Aleksandr Melnikov.

This mandatory requirement would greatly limit the acquisition of new citizens, and we need them. As you said, "there is a shortage all over the world", and we need to seek equality of opportunity, and the others supreme values of Asgardia.

Feb 12, 18 / Pis 15, 02 13:49 UTC

Probably I do not accurately convey my idea of English is not native to me. It was not about restricting people who do not know programming in Asgardia, it's about organizing the programming in Asgardia as a state program, and later on, including this training in compulsory education in Asgardia. Is it really so weird? In Russia, for example, every schoolchild has been studying for several years a topic called Informatics, which includes studying computer logic and basic programming skills, and this is part of compulsory schooling

Feb 12, 18 / Pis 15, 02 22:25 UTC

I got it now Aleksandr Melnikov, Before I understood as a condition to ask for citizenship, but as a school program think a great idea yes, although it is only applicable when we have financial resources. Maybe for now IT resources are our best option, since for human resources we have to count on volunteer work and not all that can. We need ways to use these IT resources to generate revenue for building a spaceport.