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Hello Asgardia!


We at VOA believe we've come up with a solution for the Parliamentary candidate issue. Many of us don't even know who is running in our own districts, so we've devised a plan: Give the candidates a chance to explain their platform, in their native language, and we will not only make the files available for immediate public streaming, we will broadcast them on the radio.

Please follow the instructions on the sheet. Limit your platform discussion to two minutes in length, in your district's language please. (YES, you don't have to speak English unless you're running for the English district.) Please be sure to include the information on this form within the email (text).

Do you know of someone who is running? Inform them and share this! The more candidates we can get involved the bigger of a success story it can be, but that power lies in your hands. SHARE THIS EVERYWHERE!

The Platform:
Once a candidate has emailed their sound file, we will upload it directly to our Soundcloud account, which will make it available for On-Demand streaming; we will also put the file in our general rotation to be played on the air.

Thank you for supporting us in this endeavor, and happy holidays from Voices of Asgardia.

Script for Ad
Parliamentary Candidate

Record (audio)

-- Hi, my name is ___________________________________________ .

-- I'm from ___________________ and represent district ____________. 

-- You should vote for me because _______________________________




  • Your time: 2 minute maximum
  • Email mp3 or sound file to
  • We will upload to SoundCloud, and advertise our site as a place to find out more about each candidate.

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Hmm refreshing 🙂 Thanks!