When I said we should not choose someone's side, I meant that we can not build any commercial projects in the territories of any independent countries. In my opinion, it is only possible to build it on neutral territories that do not belong to any state. Such as an artificially created island in the ocean in neutral waters, or a piece of land in one of the ice-free oases of Antarctica. Or on some small island in neutral waters, such as attol.

If we build something on the territory of any country, we will get a double taxation both from the side of the country in which we built the commercial building + the taxation of Asgardia.
The second problem is that we will have to comply with the laws of both states.
The third problem, having commercial projects in the territory of any state, we will be involved in political squabbles of this state.
The fourth problem, the country in which the commercial project of Asgardia will be located will be able to press on us for its own purposes, will be able to take away everything from us, and we can not do anything about it