Dec 18, 17 / Cap 16, 01 16:51 UTC

English district.Olga Charalambidou.Of course I have my ideas and you all are welcome to ask me anything you want to know.  

I also believe that it will be the duty of the representatives to ensure that all the voices reach the decision-making centers and that they are dealt with seriously.

Dec 21, 17 / Cap 19, 01 17:39 UTC

Dec 22, 17 / Cap 20, 01 01:00 UTC

What is your stance on building an asgardian city on earth first as an operations center before putting any station larger than the International space station?

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Jan 4, 18 / Aqu 04, 02 21:01 UTC

Asgardia City - The project

Hello fellow Asgardians, happy New Year! I stated, not so long ago, that I will publish my vision of Asgardia City Land. Here is the first part. Feel free to comment your opinion in order to expand this project with more ideas.

Asgardia City Land is an investment that I expect it will provide many benefits to our new nation. A region next to a large and prosperous city will be the ideal place to build this construction.  It will be at the size of a modern mall and it’s going to be the reflection of our future space city, here on earth.  It will be constructed using the latest technologies and will fulfill the standards even of the most demanding visitors. The visitor will be able to experience a 'journey' in the future city of Asgardia. This will be achieved through a series of high-quality assimilation projects. Furthermore, there are going to be two possible ways to access the building: a) through the teleportation room' and b) with a 'space ship'. In the second option the visitors will board on a spacecraft-shaped vessel and will be 'lifted-off' (with the help of emulator systems) to our space city. This spacecraft will actually enter the city.

All visitors will be at the reception hall in the beginning of their journey. There, they will be able to receive maps of the City Park and additional information concerning events and other actions that will may take place. Moreover, in the reception hall there will be information tables about our currency and a Bank where they will be able to change their current currency to our solars. Shops, restaurants, hotels, entertainment rooms and souvenir shops will be fully functional and ready to welcome every visitor.Inside the city there will be screens instead of windows, creating the illusion of being in the outer space by displaying images of it as we could see them from the real space City. This can be achieved by displaying live feed of  a satellite's camera or other methods.

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Jan 4, 18 / Aqu 04, 02 21:05 UTC

Some benefits of the Asgardia City Park.

1. We will learn to cooperate with each other and with other nations.

2. There will be jobs for Asgardians and an income for our nation as well. In that way we will be able to achieve our future goals even faster.

3.  We will attract investors and possible new citizens.

4. We will develop research sites so as to fix any hypothetical problem that may occur in our future city.

5. This park will be the ground for the implementation of our new social standards and technological achievements.

6. It's a way to spread solar currency and make it a stable one.

7. The Asgardians will have the chance to realize that what we do is beyond theory and they will be given the motivation and opportunitys to be more active.

8. It will be a unique opportunity for the elder ones to see and experience - even through an emulator system - how the future of our people will be.

9. Through the Asgardia City Land we will be able to show our vision to the world.

10. Several tests and improvements of different systems will take place until the time the space city is created. In that way we can avoid mistakes in space, that could be unforgivable.

Feel free to comment your thoughts.

Jan 19, 18 / Aqu 19, 02 23:05 UTC

really good work. pretty close to what I think,

Jan 19, 18 / Aqu 19, 02 23:59 UTC

Then I add several ideas:

  1. use "Asgardia Logo" as shape viewing from top (inspired by Pentagon building);

    (here 3 yellow buildings, areas with lines as space around buildings and plants as leafs of logo)
  2. put parking under the ground (yes, this cost more, but it goes in sync with ideas of Siemens Germany headquaters to put everything possible (like manufacturing lines) under the ground, minimize roads, maximise land for trees). 
  3. Trees can be apple trees, persian walnut trees or something like that, depending from location climate

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Jan 21, 18 / Aqu 21, 02 07:53 UTC

Dear Sergey Τhank you for your contribution and for your very good ideas-proposals. Until the investment is approved , I hope we will have many more very interesting issues to discuss about it.  As in which continent will it be better to build the first building; in what size ; up to what percentage should we give to foreign investors;...

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Jan 21, 18 / Aqu 21, 02 08:55 UTC

As our founder said, we will not build settlements on the Earth, there will only be production facilities, a space platform and auxiliary buildings to ensure the launch of our spacecraft into orbit.
Our nation and the state do not have own territory on the planet Earth, and we are not going to fight for the land to be taken away from anyone). Probably we will have the opportunity to build in the neutral waters of the world ocean its small Island for the purposes designated by the founder of the nation

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Jan 21, 18 / Aqu 21, 02 14:08 UTC

In the past there were 2 religions: Buddhism and pre-Christian. They have a dispute about soul. Buddhism win the logical dispute (with the point that soul doesn't exist), see But it lose the race in a rate of propagation in population and advances in technology, because there was another difference between these 2 traditions. Buddist didn't built temples as material base for dissementaion. After these times buddhists started to build temples. If this "space nation" will make the same mistake, then another space nation may emerge.

I don't insist that temples are necessary. And from equality principles temples are not good (it's not fair to concentrate "all advanced technologies" in one place). May be in modern times the communication nodes (VPS = virtual private servers) are enough, or even personal devices (like neural-integrated PDA = personal digital assistants).

But, but, can't we just discuss the topic we have thoughts about?

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Jan 21, 18 / Aqu 21, 02 18:31 UTC

Aleksandr thanks for your consideration, I agree and I respect every word of what you say and you are giving me the opportunity to clarify this. With Asgardians City we do not claim territory on Earth, WE DO BUSINESS with earth states. Where ever we will build it  we will apply the lows and we will pay our taxes like any combany. Its like a multinational companys activity. Almost all countries want investors. We must choose the country that serves us the most.  

Jan 22, 18 / Aqu 22, 02 01:47 UTC

@Olga Charalambidou

Dear Olga. I think it's very dangerous to choose either side (patronage) in our crazy 21st century ...

Being in the territory of a state, we will be forced to obey their laws to the detriment of the laws and constitution of Asgardia. It's one thing, when it comes to diplomatic representation, it's another matter when it comes to a commercial project. But this is not the most dangerous, you can become a hostage to the situation, such as the UN, which is not in a neutral territory, but in the US, which can pressure the UN and lobby its interests by the fact that the UN is in their jurisdiction. Personally i do not see any way to settle this dangerous moment (

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Jan 24, 18 / Aqu 24, 02 20:07 UTC

Alexandr, I really can't understand how you understood that we choose side.Nevertheless, even that we can eliminate it by making a work on each side. Yes, our century is crazy but statistically only in terms of speed of change. Nοw we are in territory of state and we do obey their laws and that is ok . Until we are recognized as a nation , we operate under the tutelage of a non-profit corporation and this will be so for a long time. The prerequisite for recognizing is that there is interaction with other states. Our goal is to build facilities in space. To fulfill our goal and to operate a rudimentary government we need a lot of money.This can not be done only through donations from citizens who expect some of the next generation to live in the sky. We can use a branch office or a subsidiary or create a new one company, what ever is more profitable to our goals. The inter-company policy will shape our behavior, wich may be on the border of laws of our host state and our own principles. I'm not dreaming superbly, what I'm writing is based on the constitution we have today. According το the constitution, chapter 2/article 5/paragr. 3. " Asgardian localities on Earth are peacefully and lawfully acquired..." , (such as commercial agreements, rental,purchase etc;), paragr. 6 " Asgardia expands its territory by obtaining new localities on Earth,..." etc. with realism we have to do what we can to achieve the Asgardian nation. The biggest danger I can see is that other individuals may do it before us and so we lose a large percentage of the chances we have for big profits. I 'm also scared of the fact that we are talking in a language that most of the population (like me)does not understand with precision. 

Jan 24, 18 / Aqu 24, 02 23:15 UTC

I have the same native language as Alexander, so I hope that I misread his english in the same ways as he does. I support Olga's approach to the project, the only exception is not to concentrate control in that place. Tourism and entertainment is one thing (good business), asgardian's communication and control nodes - another thing. I.e. project should be presented to the King, with the exception of proposition to place executive bodies into that place permanently.