Hey there, 

My name is John Fine and I'm asking for your vote,

These are exciting times as we embark on this most important adventure.  Having leadership is a fundamental asset to any organization, and as an Asgardian I believe I possess the skills to get the job done.  Having over 20 years experience in leadership roles with 10 of those in military service, I know the steps necessary to keep things moving forward.  Ever since I was 5 years old I have been fascinated about space and have dreamed of a moment like this for many years.  It's with my love for space and leadership skills, plus a lifetime of experience that make me a great choice for a leadership role.  My professions are in Automotive Technology, Education, and Residential Wiring.  I am a father of 6 children and a loving wife of 12 years.  My hobbies are mud riding, Star Trek, tinkering with cars, and analyzing information.  I believe all are created equal and have the opportunity to excel.  I believe people should help people for the advancement of the human race and not get all caught up in senseless distractions that have no true benefits.  I close with a famous quote "doing the same things over expecting different results is insanity" we should always keep that in mind.  Thank you and please vote for me. 

Check out my profile and cast your vote, as we work together this dream can become a reality