Since my childhood I've been trying to understand myself, and my around of course, definitely the hardest part to understand was myself, and who doesn't? I think that the act of understand ourselves is one of most searched things in the world, but high probably the most quietly.

I don't know exactly the reason or the why of this situation, but I see that this situation is in all around the world, and I'm so sure about something we need to each other to growth, to expand the knowledge, to be better, to stand up again, is part of the nature, for everything, even the most selfish person in the world needs to tell someone that he is selfish. even the most independent person in the world that now can support himself without anyone, in any point of his live he received help.

So when I understood this, I started to help people being there, if they needed a favor or support with something and it was into my possibilities I used to do it. and I also discovered that sometimes when they asked me a favor I couldn't help, no because I didn't want it, it was because I didn't know how to.

what I'm saying is I understand why I postulate myself as a trendsetter because it will allow me to help you all, hear you all opinions, being your voice. your concerns. your dreams. the value that you can share to the community. I want to manage the organization of the citizens.

and this is how I will help you.

We will develop the best side of the Human being, Learning from our past, changing our present to bring the future we all desire. Live in peace using our 4 main areas the fundamental ones : mind(knowledge that we all need to improve in our life), body( using our senses is how we express and connect with environment and receive information), spirit(what we do being ourselves, helping others in the best way), and heart( understanding and expressing our feelings in a good way that help us.

all this connected in the correct way, we will bring to everyone the real HUMAN FULLNESS. Using the gifts and abilities of each human being for the common good and good personal.developing good leaders and developing the new revolutionary human society that everybody dreams. where in this new century, we made the decision starting to make action to make it real, possible for you all and the future of our people our race.

This is my campaign and this is what I will promote being here. if you allow me to be your trendsetter I will thank you, and do my best to be in contact to you all.

So if you decide to give your vote to me, look for me on the candidate list I'm from Mexico.

thank you.