So, one thing that I am seeing a lot of is; people stating that those of us who are under 40 years of age running in the elections, should step down because it is un-Constitutional for us to be in Parliament.

I have a few questions for you, number one is, have you read the Constitution in full? 

If you say yes, then my next question is, do you actually understand it?

Now, many of you might state yes, but I would like to know your proof of this with documentation from it defending your claims.

I originally signed and accepted the Constitution, knowing full well that I, someone only 31 years of age, could not be in Parliament.  So, to do my part I chose to become a local leader instead, and work my way up to a clerk of some kind over the next 10 years so that when I was 40 I would be able to run.

Then, when Parliament seats opened up for the first election the website stated anyone 18 years of age could run.  This got me excited! I knew I probably wouldn’t have a chance because of my lack of experience, but I chose to put myself out there because I had faith that maybe someone might vote for me.  Even if I didn’t make it in, if I got one vote that would make me happy knowing that others saw my vision as something that they could align themselves with.

So, I transferred my platform from Trendsetter over to Candidacy and said I would update it later from its one page to a bit more rounded.  Through doing this I made a few friends, that I am now running with/against. 

Then I was told, “Oops sorry! Our bad you can’t run anymore, or well you can but we won’t let you in” (paraphrasing). Which, is fair as per said Constitution.

Even though the website said one thing, then they said it was a mistake and I can understand that. Mistakes happen.

Then myself and some others started doing some math, specifically one of my favourite areas, statistics and probability! I don’t know about you, but I love math, more than most people.

We looked, and we saw that as of a few days ago, there were not enough people qualified by age alone, to fill all the seats in our district.  So we looked to the other district to get a bigger picture.  Do you know what we noticed? The trend was across the board! There were not enough people over the age of 40 that were running for Parliament.Then, how many of those had actual names, or platforms? Even less!

So here we are, disbarred by age, yet qualified by platform, drive, and community support.

Then, we were told again at a later date, to keep in the running to prove ourselves for other key roles in the Government, which I was planning on doing anyways.  So we started talking with one who is qualified by age, experience, and is a state lawyer. John S Sanders.

He said we should keep going, and take things the next step.

We talked via private channels, tried to find out what is happening.  Now we have a poll to find out what the citizens want.

Again before you say we shouldn’t do it with a poll, tell me how exactly we would do this?

So, if you did read the Constitution you would know it states:

Chapter 5, Article 16, Subsection 2

The Collective will of Asgardian citizens shall be implemented through their participation in elections to Asgardia’s governmental bodies, monitoring these bodies, referenda, and interaction with their representatives in elected governmental bodies.

As well as in:

Chapter 3, Article 10, Section 6

The Government shall establish its public opinion and take the same into account when making administrative decisions in accordance with Asgardia’s Laws.

Now I don’t know about you but I am fairly certain that means, public opinion matters, and it is up to them to listen to public opinion when we do polls such as this.

Now the Head of State is the key unitary power in all matters.

I agree with that, that IS what I signed up for.

So, please don’t tell me to stop believing in the people.

Please stop telling them it is not their right to poll, and please accept that no matter what. 

The Head of State has ultimate authority in these and all matters. So I will accept what ever he chooses.

Please try to get along.

Thank you.