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<p>Safety AND DEFENCE OF ASGARDIA&nbsp;</p>  

Hello my Friends in China 

My name is Ricky Scott Sickles of Moraine Ohio USA

I have always had a great admiration for the people of china .

Not only for what you have achieved through out your history ,but for all that you have achieved these last few years 

And now that many of you have chosen to step into the future . we not only have to plan on how to put our new nation together ,

Such as equipment, air, water and food . How  is the housing going to be designed . Where to place embassies ,Because there will be more then one 

But very important to all this is protection of our nation.

We all want a peaceful nation, but we still have to protect what is our home .

Even though many of us may not see the total fruition of Asgardia 

We will need a Defense Force . One that can not only protect Asgardian Space Platforms ,along with our embassies,

But can help protect our citizens where needed , to remove them from areas of conflict to Asgardian safe zones. This is why I'm running for Safety and Defense Strategist.

So this is my link and would like your vote and look forward to working with my Chinese Brother and Sister Citizens 


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