Greeting Fellow Asgardians  As you know I'm running for Defense and Safety Strategist This post will also be in the campaign Forum .What I would work on as D&S Strategist is the     1, Choosing of the proper equipment for the defense of Asgardias Space assets and  our Embassy's ,This would also include or citizens who are in areas of conflict  2, Training  of a Security Force to properly use the Equipment and care out Security Duties . 3, All Security Personal will have Special Forces style medical training ( as Asgardia will most likely be involved in Humanitarian operations) 4, D&S Will also Provide security for the H,O,N and Parliament and Ambassadors , when they are in public Granted we are just at the beginning of a great adventure .And  now is the time to start preparing .D & S motto Fidus Ultra Finem (Faithful beyond the End) So I ask for your vote ,here s my link