Jul 20, 17 / Vir 05, 01 01:09 UTC

Trendsetter in America!  

Hello, everyone. 

I am currently running for Trendsetter within our great nation of Asgardia! I have, through the grace and confidence of my friends and peers, gained 380 votes at the time of this writing. I am hoping to keep the momentum going! I have many reasons I am confident I can hold and execute the duties of this office for more reasons than they allow us space to type a message here in the forums. So in my Asgardia blog I have listed some of my credentials and assets as it seems to allow for larger posts, there. Below is the URL to my CV and campaign page. Check out either and comment a question if you like! I endeavor to respond to each and every one individually. Feel free to read through the comments others have left too. Perhaps some of your inquiries have already been answered, or you may think of things others have not thought to ask yet. I look forward to hearing from each of you and toward a positive and fruitful future for Asgardia.

My CV - https://asgardia.space/en/blog/10575-my-cv-mdash-reaching-higher-together/

My Campaign Page - https://asgardia.space/en/blog/candidate/664696-5328-honor-freedom-peace-knowledgenbsp/

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Jul 21, 17 / Vir 06, 01 08:50 UTC

Hey Brandon,

Just thought I would let you know that all these votes will not count towards anything else but your trendsetter candidacy.
This is the official response I received from Anastasia yesterday with regards to votes.

Hi Brendan,
No, the votes received on your Strategist account will not count towards your Debutant position. 

Kind Regards,

So if you don't receive the full 1000 votes for trendsetter, you won't even become a strategist and all these votes will be wasted!
I can't believe this is the logic being used.

Good luck!!
Brendan Taylor