For beginning i will introduced my shelf, I'm Aditya from Indonesia.

As we know together that Asgardia Nation it's will not be came true if we still think about our self and not corporate each others. So in here i will not sell some fake issue and sell some things that we can't realisation, i won't just talk and gave some sweat lips service, i will gave all of you some real program and some real project. I have a lot of plans and strategy to make our dream come true, a dream of made a strong Asgardia Nation. My future plan as like as how to made some real place for life, the space dome for us to life, some strong economic and industry, to made all infrastructure in space dome for all people Asgardia, the place that make from community and for the community. As like as in bible how create the earth and universe so do we will built the Nation of Asgardia, so this is my motto " In united we can established, and in united we can do all things ", Hail Asgardia, peace in earth, peace in sky.