Nov 26, 17 / Sag 22, 01 15:35 UTC

I give you an example how dangerous for the IT Security if the MPs are 40+ years old  

I give you an example how dangerous for the IT Security if there are no young MPs. This idea was from a 49 years old MP (Now he is 52) and most of those who agreed were 40+. The 0.62$ / GB internet tax means instant bancruptcy for those who get a DDOS attack and for those companies who have own web servers, IP Cameras, VOIP call centers, etc. The IT security is the most important for a digital nation or a space nation. So the example:

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Nov 30, 17 / Sag 26, 01 16:53 UTC

I understand "experience makes good candidates" but that's not really the best option since... we are not really living in a fully developed space age. And many young people aspires to advance humanity... Also, there are many brilliant minds among young, including tech, economy... why exclude them???

Dec 12, 17 / Cap 10, 01 05:40 UTC

Good Day

As a response to your statement:

As a person over the age of 40+, i find your example humorous and i think your reliance on Wikipedia as a source of valid information is dangerous as Wikipedia is open to data abuse.

I also want to point out to you that you have left out the fact that the total amount is proposed to be capped, precisely to stop what you are fear mongering.

To the point of the specific age, I have my personal opinion about that and do agree that there is no valid scientific reason i can find at this point in time for that cutoff.

I would implore you to look for a candidate that is open to discuss this issue and work for adjustments to the cutoff age in the future, and then vote for that candidate.

I myself is totally open to discussion and adjustment of the cutoff date - and am willing to accept your proposal and vote for my candidacy.

Kind regards and best wishes

Ben Dell

Dec 14, 17 / Cap 12, 01 12:51 UTC

What is the link between IT security and the age of candidates for the parliamentary election ?  I'm over 40 and IT security and being an MPP is quite 2 different things... You are mixing things up my friend.