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Asgardian skillset DB  

First, apologies if this would be the wrong section to place this. I'm sure a mod will sort it if not. Give it a week and it can just go into the dead thread bin.

Over in the Ministry of Equity and Resources yesterday a discussion arose ( wherin it was decided it to be sane to have a database for searching for Asgarians by various features: specific skillsets, languages spoken etc.

The reason this has suddenly become your problem is in order to develop something that's actually useful, it'd be a pretty good idea to find out what facets you'd like to search for. Hence this post. Intent is to use replies to this post, here and in other places, to construct the forms to acquire this informaiton, the database to hold it, and the engine to search it.

So, what features would you like to search for in Asgardian citizens?

Jan 14, 17 / Aqu 14, 01 02:53 UTC

Skills - Education / University Degree / Certifications

Citizenship - country or countries

Languages spoken -

Interests / Hobbies -

Gender - Male / Female

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Jan 20, 17 / Aqu 20, 01 14:49 UTC

If we were to compile all of the skills relevant to work in Asgardia, the list would be very, very long. Essentially, we'll need to list every skill that could contribute (along with perhaps detrimental attributes) to a functioning society, and society is very complex.

However, I have faith in us. Although I may not be particularly well-suited to this task, I'm certain that, together, we can do it! To expand on markjcooke's list, I'd like to break a number of those elements down some. For example, IT can be broken down into software maintenance, user support, program development, coding, code breaking, and so on. To solve this problem, I think we should first agree on some very basic points, which those familiar with said points can then break down into specific, applicable skills, which we will later need to find a concrete method of analyzing and scaling.

This may be difficult to do over a forum, however.

Feb 20, 17 / Pis 23, 01 19:40 UTC

Going by Skills - Education / University Degree / Certifications -Languages spoken -Interests / Hobbies - I think you`ll find that, the average Asgardian stands pretty good.

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Feb 21, 17 / Pis 24, 01 04:51 UTC

The effort isn't to "measure the average Asgardian" - or even specific ones - but instead to locate applicable skills that can ensure the success of various initatives. And then make this open for general Asgardian use, so when they have an idea worth having the people that can make this happen can be located with ease. When there is a problem that requires solving, you can find people who know what they are talking about in the relevant fields to request for their considerations.

There certainly will be an expansive "skill list", I should stop being lazy and make a start on this - the educational qualification list isn't entirely minor either, and there's still plenty to be done on that. Hobbies and interests is likely to be the most expansive IMHO and also possibly the most difficult to get to completion before "initial release".

The "concrete method of analysing and scaling" is certainly an interesting problem to solve, anlysing more than scaling as it relies muchly on user input. Areas like sensor telemetery will provide for larger issues of scaling IMHO. Many lessons learned in the search engine industry generally can possibly be applied, but in the initial inception I was aiming for simply returning relevant hits from DB - a similar form to the one for inputting skills etc can be used to limit scope and assure relevant hits.

Feb 21, 17 / Pis 24, 01 14:38 UTC

well its like some corporations do? we make a Excel spreadsheet and give filters to know who is good(have the skills) to go to certain Bussines Travel or who is the best to go make a job with some foreign client,something like that @EyeR?

Sep 3, 17 / Lib 22, 01 02:32 UTC

You could also try adding a basic IQ test, psychological test, and agility test to the questionaire which times the keystrokes... that could give you some info.