Jul 24, 17 / Vir 09, 01 12:25 UTC

Weekly Report - 23 JUL 2017  

Notes from 23 JUL meeting of Civic.Asgardia's senior staff. 


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Jul 25, 17 / Vir 10, 01 23:20 UTC

I have a concern regarding the use of Facebook, and similar social media sites, for communication within Asgardia.  I don't use it, and won't use it, because of security and privacy concerns.  I know I'm not by myself in my concerns.  This is in reference to comments in the 23 Jul 2017 Weekly Report, indicating that Civic.Asgardia's senior staff are using Facebook as Asgardia’s “… public ‘website.’”.   While I understand why it’s being done, I don’t think it’s a good idea.

In addition to the senior staff’s use of it, having a large Facebook community within Asgardia will, I'm afraid, lead to divisions within the population between Facebook users and non-Facebook users.  There may also be issues of security if official business is done using Facebook.  

Aug 1, 17 / Vir 17, 01 13:46 UTC

I thought so too myself. I noticed that there's a great danger in discussing topics especially regarding national security and defense, over a website such as Facebook. Especially since as of recently we've only just retified our constitution, it's important to note that we should have our website, secure, and discuss topics here. For off-topic and more general casual conversations, Facebook is Fine. But we need to start taking this very seriously.

Aug 2, 17 / Vir 18, 01 00:03 UTC

@Jason Rainbow 

Ha! Alright, thank you for the quick response.

Aug 10, 17 / Vir 26, 01 23:15 UTC

Hi, i'm new here. So i was just wondering where i can post interesting ideas/concepts which can be taken into consideration by higher members. Thank you