Jan 26, 19 / Aqu 26, 03 20:08 UTC

(PLSFA)Prevent Legacy Systems For Asgardia  

There are legacy systems that are being injected into Asgardia's future.
Some  of these are difficult problems to make alternatives for, such as  monetary systems. Numerically and logically difficult to figure out when  it comes to trading resources.
Others are too-lazily accepted,  without real thought going into an alternatives, such as job/work  systems, everything business-related, or giving too much focus on  "Public Relations".

I've heard mentioned: "We'll figure these out... later, once we're in space."
This is dangerous, as it is the sole reason Legacy Systems live on in the first place.

It's recommended that we realize this is somewhat a fresh, clean slate. Most of these legacy ideas are going to make it into space anyway, everything that Earth ever was will be  stamped into the stars, to various levels of intensity. Companies  galore, miniature versions of currently-existing nations, and all that  comes with it... the greed, the war, the disregard for human life, and  the nonsense.

I joined Asgardia hoping to be with the group who  sees the opportunity of doing the "better" options, not the so-called  "already working" options.

In general, this civic initiative is to  keep an eye out for all legacy systems being included in Asgardia's  mission, regardless of it being temporary or permanent. Some clear  examples of what has been obviously included are:

  • Monetary system usage/intention.
  • Working with business-entities.
  • Allowing business-entities to claim positions of importance.
  • Intellectual Property usage/intention.

    Some examples of what could be attempted:

  • Self-sustaining technologies that allow as little monetary need as possible.
  • Technological  skills training for all power-holding members that allow direct  participation in real projects(Open-source software by default).
  • Working with non-profit or non-business entities that focus on creation, and de-emphasize profiteering/monetary gain.
  • Open-source usage/intention.

As  for myself, I will likely be forming another initiative to focus on  ideas similar to the latter list of examples, which should help  supplement the initiative of PLSFA.

Please feel free to list off  further legacy systems you notice within Asgardia's past, present or  future. Also list off alternatives to legacy systems, or ideas that may  simply transcend a need for comparison at all(For example, attempting to  go full "open-source" practically transcends "Intellectual Property",  which also would be nearly obsolete if an "alternative to the monetary  system" was implemented).

(Note: Don't worry about interrupting  any of this thread's discussion with new ideas, the technology of "this  forum" in general is something that could be improved in both concept  and implementation. Since we cannot "sandwich" discussions locally to a  specific post, we will have to speak linear-style. Technological skills  increased for power-holders could amplify our communication methods. I  appreciate whomever got these website technologies together though, I  assume the skill-set and quantity of such a team is small and  under-appreciated, when in fact they could change everything.)

Feb 10, 19 / Pis 13, 03 02:58 UTC

This is so sad how Asgardia is such a wasted potential. They need to turn this ship around soon