Of course there must be a system to regulate the number of population in a country, this is because there will be an impact both in terms of economic and financial. As an example of a country in which the population of either the birth rate or the death rate there will be a population explosion that results in the destruction of an economy in the country, this refers to some basic necessities of food, drink, employment, and home or shelter, Also has a general impact on the lack of oxygen availability, so that if this is not well controlled then there will be social gaps and final impact on the high crime rate of a country, finally when it becomes wild and uncontrolled then the comfort of the community to live in a The country becomes disturbed.

Of course the system adopted or used can be a family system with two children, and if it has more then the third child and then is the child of the country in which the state is entitled to organize its life for the sake of the state, thus the third child of a family can be Use as a defender of the state or necessity for the country. But the thing for the defense of a country is indeed the rights and obligations of all citizens, but in this case the family who has a third child can not have the right to the child but only has the obligation to raise and care for the child until he is ready to become a citizen, Especially Asgardia.