Feb 1, 17 / Pis 04, 01 03:58 UTC

Re: The question of mariage and civil union  

I am in favour of registered civil unions (on blockchain?) which mostly define rights , obligations and terms of the union including property rights and division in case of dissolution. You may wish to call it a marriage but without the connotations of a single partner for life. People develop at different rates , circumstances change and personalities are discovered over time. It is archaic to force a relationship that makes either or both parties unhappy , unfullfilled or impedes progress.

Many comments appear to be in line with the Western view of couples but this is far from reality ..58 nations mostly muslim practice legal polygamy.. Most westerners practice Polyamory ( have you really only had 1 partner?) and cohabitation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cohabitation#Financial_effects but with with few or no legal rights or obligations between them. There is also Polyandry where the women take more than one partner. Some countries have arranged marriages which have little to do with choice or love and Japan "There is a kind a tacit understanding between spouse that after 10 years of marriage (loveless anyway) and a few children, the man is free to satisfy his libido somewhere else." Japan is strange http://www.wa-pedia.com/gaijin/westerners_japanese_marriage.shtml

So IF we are representative of humanity and these cultural differences and extremes exist as normal in other Nations, which practices do we accept and which are illegal and WHO decides? Should westerners dictate practice and policy, rules and laws for the muslims/ japanese and a host of others or do we decide what we think is right and they can accept it or not therefore outlawing/discouraging much of their cultural identity and practice in space?

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Feb 19, 17 / Pis 22, 01 07:25 UTC

Civil unions are illusions because people are not civil, besides there is no need to try and change the entire concept of marriage. On top of that, jealousy makes polygamous relationships dangerous for those involved in them. Eventually some man/woman will fall in love with another man/woman and end up wanting him/her for themselves and due to his/her jealousy might harm the other members of said contract to get what he/she wants. For that reason polygamy should not be allowed in Asgardia.

As far as the gender comment made by a citizen goes, there are only two genders, three if you continue true hermaphrodites because of their unique situation. There is no work that needs to be done to understand genders, however, there is work to be done regarding why some folks think there are more than the two genders and why some folks do not identify as the gender they were born as

Mar 21, 17 / Ari 24, 01 09:17 UTC

I do agree with the concept of legal recognition of civil union until and over the marriage but we can't do it jus like the major state or countries have done until now as their first draw was mostly based on the religion and moeurs who was in use in their own state or country.

The civil union in Asgardia have to be greater than those for a greater nation in order to provide the opportunity to all Asgardians to benefit from the protection and rights provided by the Asgardians civil union regardless of their genders, religions, and moeurs.

Asgardia most also provides certain rights true the civil union who normally provides only by the marriage like but not exclusively, The ability to divorce in their state of residence, regardless of where the civil union has being contracted, Immigration or citizenship benefits when petitioning for a non-citizen spouse ect...

Jun 20, 17 / Leo 03, 01 23:29 UTC

Happiness to all compatriots  Asgardians, I wonder if I can marry in Asgardian because I am madly in  love with a citizen and want to record our love in every universe.

Dec 2, 17 / Cap 00, 01 21:22 UTC

How about something like a Civil Partnership which meets the following requirements:

* Age of Majority (for Civil Partnerships if that is different, not before 18 unless emancipated)
* consent from all parties involved (no duress)
* witnessed in person (or through live video chat)
* may file a Living Relationship Agreement (LRA) which is a non-binding document which is like a memorandum of understanding which would covers similar areas as does an Implied Monogamaous Relationship Agreement (IMRA). Many of those involed in non-monogamous relationships would have to negotiate these once going outside the boundaries of monogamy. This document would cover the following areas of agreement and negotiation where a typical monogamous relationship is merely a series of exclusivity clauses assumed for all parts:
  -- Social
  -- Intellectual
  -- Emotional
  -- Sexual
  -- Financial
  -- Parental
We could even have template examples or pieces parts for the LRA so it would be quite easy - drag and drop. It could even be done double-blind which would facilitate a conversation and the negotiation process.

Jealousy, Polygamy, and Polyamory

Let us now start a nation based on freedom and equality by oppressing sexual minorities. We can do better than that. I have written at researched and written at length about these and other social sexual issues on my blog (Gay Marriage, Polyamory, Polygamy, Prostitution, Understanding and Managing JealousyImplied Monogamous Relationship Agreement (IMRA); Polyamory, Jealousy, and the Eight Walls of Intimacy)

  • Jealousy is a cultural thing and is taught. It is a strong byproduct of the effects of the the advent of Farming and the rise of Abrahamic faiths throughout the world. Believe it or not there are polyandrous peoples still existing and these societies tend to be egalitarian, peaceful, and matriarchal. 

  • Gender and Sexual Identity

Let us not be so reductive on gender and sexual identity. It is not so simple as the number 2.
I am very fortunate to be able to indentify as a cisgendered, heterosexual, heteroromantic male. 




Genderbread Person

Cis Female
Cis Male
Cis Man
Cis Woman
Cisgender Female
Cisgender Male
Cisgender Man
Cisgender Woman
Female to Male
Gender Fluid
Gender Nonconforming
Gender Questioning
Gender Variant
Male to Female
Trans Female
Trans* Female
Trans Male
Trans* Male
Trans Man
Trans* Man
Trans Person
Trans* Person
Trans Woman
Trans* Woman
Transgender Female
Transgender Male
Transgender Man
Transgender Person
Transgender Woman
Transsexual Female
Transsexual Male
Transsexual Man
Transsexual Person
Transsexual Woman

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Feb 1, 18 / Pis 04, 02 20:43 UTC

Marriage is born as a way to avoid the problems arising from the mortal struggle between our ancestors to obtain a mate to reproduce. Over time, we evolved, and this became a requirement of social acceptance, or social need in some cases. Nowadays, our view as a society has changed, and marriage is not imperative in the conservation of our species, nor truly necessary as the basis of our current society, even with respect to children. We are focusing on a new space society, with a different paradigm in the relationship between people, so the concepto of marriage should not be previously defined as inherited from Earth. So, I  think marriage and/or civil union as intended, should not be a concern for Asgardia.