Jul 15, 17 / Vir 00, 01 17:05 UTC

Amatuer Radio Callsigns for Asgardia  

We will need to broach the powers that be about Asgardian Callsign designators, as it stands on the ISS all astronauts use their native (Earth location) callsign, but being a nation in space we would be entitled to our own and DXCC zones also. Thoughts

Oct 1, 17 / Sco 22, 01 22:36 UTC

Lovely thought. Ignoring the issue of first requiring acceptance by UN as a nation before having the ITU issue a call prefix. As we would be transmitting from a foreign country, would that actually satisfy DXCC? This is assuming the country you are in accepts CEPT qualifications for reciprocated licensing. Initially it would likely only be a personal status symbol and of no benefit to Asgardia. Correct me if I am wrong.

Nov 15, 17 / Sag 11, 01 20:55 UTC

In Canada all Radio transmissions are regulated by a body called the CRTC and even if you are from a foreign nation operating within the boundaries of this country you must abide by their laws. Us as Asgardians must also abide by the laws of the nations we are within as being Asgardian will not just magically grant us diplomatic immunity.   

Down the road this is something I suggest we consider, but we must be focused and work towards our collective goals of becoming a space nation and having to change international law to recognize us.


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Nov 16, 17 / Sag 12, 01 17:51 UTC

As an amateur radio operator, I am of course interested in this topic.  Significantly every other body with recognizes you adds to the justification for the next recognition.  Perhaps one step would be towards adding a reflecter/repeater on the next satelite that is launched.