Jul 10, 18 / Leo 23, 02 06:56 UTC

Re:Use a Telegram?  

Especially the fact that a lot of posts here are brainfarts,... a lot of those are needed for innovative thinking, don't get me wrong. But they should be removed or archived after a while. 

I often give up going through the forum, because there is a lot of (to me) useless information. It would good to have some fleeting channels for brainstorming, a Forum thread can then still be made for working out a brainfart into a workable exploration of an idea, a good question (and respective answer) can be put more lastingly in a FAQ, and a forum-thread that results into a project can then be archived and put in a project management page where a workgroup can dig deeper, a reference on webspace can be placed for those who are interested.  

Jul 20, 18 / Vir 05, 02 12:32 UTC

Why cannot we create them ourselves? Let's try! 

<<Link removed>> 

[Mod edit: Link to a private Telegram has channel has been removed from this post. As described in our community code of conduct section 4.i:

"We appreciate that many may wish to create groups, websites and many other forms for spreading information about Asgardia. We are, however, unable to host advertisements to these within our resources unless they have been affiliated with Asgardia officially in some manner.  If you wish to have your group / Page/ Website affiliated please contact the administration team who will pass your details to appropriate persons for approval." ]

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Jul 21, 18 / Vir 06, 02 17:37 UTC

Djeez, Jason Rainbow, it is just a channel to talk, is that such a problem? 

well then here is a completely non-Asgardia related Telegram channel where some people (completely coincidential also Asgardians) might just talk about stuff.  This isn't in any way "a group, website or any other form for spreading information about Asgardia." it is just an online place to meet.