I lean right on the spectrum, just for anyone's information before reading. Feel free to give your thoughts or counter on what I say. So, here goes. This is what I want included/excluded: Free speech and religion should be included. Leaning right however, I think LGBT should not be allowed, but of course, I figure it'll be included anyway.

Long presidency terms, like the 10 year suggestion from an (anonymous) Asgardian, should be excluded. For example, a woman who is an extreme on one side of the spectrum (choose for your convenience), is elected. Even though the minority disapproves, the candidate has not committed any crimes, and she is still president. But she is cornering the country for her party's convenience, not for the country.

Presidents should have reduced power, or power checked by another area.

Children should have right to innocence in public places. Imagine being a child and discovering what's under a woman's shirt. For the non-perverts, that would be tragic.

Countering another suggestion of another Asgardian, the government should have the ability to tax any citizen, regardless of wealth of that citizen. If a poor citizen cannot pay taxes, the government has the right to take property. That citizen may then move to a homeless shelter. Also, a lower percentage tax for businesses and a higher percentage tax for citizens is deemed necessary in my book. This will help the economy greatly. With a low business tax, businesses can grow at a faster rate. The government can then profit off of this through sales taxes.

Asgardian police forces and military forces are definitely necessary. If not a military force, at least a military reserve and a police force.

Crimes should only be punishable by death if the criminal has proven that he/she can not be rehabilitated effectively, with exception of murder. Murder should be punished with a pretty long prison time or death.

The government has the right to deport any illegal immigrants (if any) if they cannot prove citizenship while doing a government action, such as voting, or even buying a house. The government cannot, however, barge into houses if they suspect a certain individual is illegal.

The police force does not have the right to search any property owned by a citizen unless authorized by a court.

The purchase of alcohol requires that a citizen, over the age of 20, fill out a form. Upon completion and verification by the government, the citizen will receive a card. Any drug that causes the user to lose their mind, such as marijuana, is strictly prohibited, for the well-being of the country as a whole. Choice pharmacy drugs must be prescribed by a medical expert.

The purchase of firearms requires an ID card (different from the alcohol card), which can be received at the age of 20. Automatic firearms are prohibited to the public.

END So there you have it. I may include more suggestions in the comments. Give me your thoughts.