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Not the political parties. Not to re-election.  

My country is at the moment on the verge of a new Mexican revolution. Energy oil revolution because of political parties. As I said in previous . We need that political parties do not exist in asgardia. :( Mexicans are about to go to war against our own government. Enter facebook "javuvajlavaj" and learn everything as is. This page is in Spanish. I hope that this terrible event gives us an idea of ​​what the political parties are capable of. I am disengaged from my country. :(

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Well, wait for something worse to happen and write in some law to be able to do devate.

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We cannot have a Republic / Democracy without political parties. What are your suggestions ??

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-- english

One thing I think is important. There are people who have incredible abilities to positively influence work groups, be it the positive energy they transmit to others, the respect they have and are capable of responding to, camaraderie, team vision and project projection, Merits that accumulate. So also there are people who at times could be necessary for different reasons, soft and hard, in different periods of time. This type of people should be able to be general coordinator in more than one ocacion or long period.

So there is also another reality, that it is necessary to forge the capacity of others to take those responsibilities, because more than one person has the skills but, either they are not taken into account, or they are afraid to offer their abilities as coordinator, sometimes there are That push them to assume leadership.

I do not know if it is necessary to stipulate a time limit for the charges, because someone who assumes may not have the capabilities from the beginning (it must be replaced according to circumstances) or the other is the most appropriate and there is no other that can replace those capacities ( And could even exercise until his death). It is necessary to contemplate the human history and to be able to observe with clarity the situations given the case. But in any of these there must be a permanent audit for the revocation or maintenance of the charges. And I mean everyone, there is no one more relevant than another, if decisions that have minimal or global repercussions.

In any case any charge must be subject to the same legal conditions without exception, as any citizen. It should also refrain from giving charges to people who are known to be manipulated by third parties. Power overlapping should not be allowed: economic, military, legal, racial / species, cultural, gender; To avoid situations that are repeated throughout history and territories.

With respect to the existence or not of political parties, I consider something that can be nominally avoided, but the appearance of factions is something that in the long run came to exist and could not be avoided.

The main problem would be to guide active participation of all inhabitants and establish flexible processes that avoid an exaggerated bureaucracy, because we want or not the bureaucracy will have to exist to establish standardized mechanisms of organization and dispute of decisions, which will define guidelines for Follow, projects and rectifications of projects, and the historical log of the community.

Which are the most viable active participation mechanisms. I think some can be found in spaces such as the Linux kernel, Debian project, Bitcoin project, free culture (Wikipedia, CreativeCommons) and occupiers / 15m (15m spain, occupy wallstreet / london), although they Full permanent participation, members abide by and can state their points for and against, during all processes. Learning to rationalize these types of processes is not easy.

-- spanish

Una cosa creo que es importante. Hay personas que tienen capacidades increibles para influenciar positivamente grupos de trabajo, ya sea la energia positiva que transmiten a otros, el respeto que se les tiene y que son capaces de corresponder, la camaraderia, la vision de equipo y de proyeccion de trabajos, los meritos que acumulan. Asi tambien hay personas que en momentos podia ser necesarias por diferentes motivos, blandas y duras, en diferentes periodos de tiempo. Este tipo de gente deberia poder ser coordinador general en mas de una ocacion o periodo largo.

Asi tambien hay otra realidad, que es necesario forjar la capacidad de otros a tomar esas responsabilidades, porque mas de una persona tiene las habilidades pero, o no se las tiene en cuenta, o tienen miedo de ofrecer sus habilidades como coordinador, a veces hay que empujarlas a que asuman liderazgo.

No se si sea necesario estipular limite de tiempo para los cargos, porque alguien que asume puede no tener las capacidades desde un inicio (debe ser reemplazado segun circunstancias) o por el contrario es el mas adecuado y no hay otro que pueda reemplazar esas capacidades (y podria hasta ejercer hasta su muerte). Hay que contemplar la historia humana y poder observar con claridad las situaciones dado el caso. Pero en cualquiera de estos debe existir una auditoria permanente para la revocacion o mantencion de los cargos. Y me refiero a todos, no existe un cargo mas relevante que otro, si decisiones que tienen repercusion minima o global.

En cualquier caso cualquier cargo debe estar sujeto a las mismas condiciones legales sin excepsion, como cualquier ciudadano. Asi tambien debe abstenerse de otorgar cargos a gente que se conoce que puede ser manipulada por terceros. No debe permitirse la superposicion de poderes: economico, militar, legal, racial/especie, cultural, genero; para asi evitar situaciones que se repiten a lo largo de la historia y los territorios.

Con respecto a la existencia o no de partidos politicos, considero algo que nominalmente se puede evitar, pero la aparicion de facciones es algo que a largo plazo llegara a existir y no podria ser evitado.

El problema principal seria guiar a una participacion activa a todos los habitantes y establecer procesos flexibles que eviten una burocracia exesiva, porque querramos o no la burocracia tendra que existir para establecer mecanismos estandarizados de organizacion y disputa de desiciones, en los que se definiran pautas a seguir, proyectos y rectificaciones de proyectos, y la bitacora historica de la comunidad.

Cuales son los mecanismos de participacion activa mas viables. Creo que algunos pueden encontrarse en espacios como las comunidades de software libre (Linux kernel, Debian project, Bitcoin project), cultura libre (Wikipedia, CreativeCommons) y ocupas/15m (15m españa, occupy wallstreet/london), que aunque no garantizan una participacion permanente completa, los miembros acatan y pueden exponer sus puntos a favor y en contra, durante todos los procesos. Aprender a racionalizar estos tipos de procesos no es sencillo