I think many care about the subject of the decree #15, but for some reason, very few people offer options how to make Asgardia self-sufficient. There are separate scattered replicas in different posts on this topic no more. I am personally not surprised, and foresaw all this in advance, because and included in my program a few items that address and issues of financing Asgardia in the early stages, and provide tools to deal with these issues. I'd like to discuss this.
But before I start, I would like to understand, whether there are interested in the same way as I dream up a little on a theme, how to make Asgardia at an initial stage perspective and itself smartest. After all, in order to build a new type of society, with humane capitalism-with the face of socialism, it is necessary to establish sources of income of the State, which will make powerful programs to educate the population of Asgardia, cultural development.
I am sure that many have thoughts on this, I will gladly share my ideas, but after I see what is in our "community", this theme evokes a response in the hearts and minds of not indifferent Asgardians.
For the seed, the idea first, after the formation of the central bank, to formalize a state loan with a fixed maturity date and interest rate for the entire period. Which will be decided by the Ministry of Finance together with the management and analysts of the central bank.
In order to filled the Treasury, we need to increase the income of Asgardians, so that they can earn on the ground, and I am sure they will gladly start paying voluntary taxes-if thanks to Asgardia, they get a new specialty. I propose to introduce for all citizens Asgardia training programming, as in the world now a huge shortage of high-quality programmers. By the way it is a very useful skill for the cosmic nation.

For brainstorm suggest to use this platform to create the https://coggle.it/gallery intellectual mindmaps.

And the projects selected after brainstorm fold here on this platform https://trello.com/tour and discuss them and bring to mind. It seems to me for this purpose, these 2 platforms are ideal and there is a free version.
What you think about it?

You can answer here or in the topic of facebook https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1573012832754245&set=gm.398264977263282&type=3&theater&ifg=1

Thank you.