Dec 29, 17 / Cap 27, 01 16:24 UTC

Idea of colaborative economy  

This idea is based on a project that is actually running, about 4 months from now, in a way of a collective ecosystem of free activities.

the idea is named "Distributed collective savings" in a ambient named PROSPERA. the PROSPERA ecosystem issue monthly a small amount of tokens, and theses tokenholders earn shares in the savings.Something like this.... collectively users deposit any amount of money (in ETHER) in the savings in a time interval of 1 month. when this month is over, a new bulk of tokens is produced, shared along the users who made deposit in the refered month, the total amount accumulated is shared with every token holder, proportionally.

in example

in the month 1 we got about 100 tokens distributed among the users, and when the month is over, 10 new tokens will be produced.

in this interval, we got 5 deposits totalizing 500USD ( 50  + 100 + 150 + 125 +75 )

now the 10 new tokens is shared to this 5 users which deposited in the savings (1 + 2 + 3 + 2,5 + 1,5) 

when the new tokens is shared, the amount of de savings is shared with the total token holders (in example 500USD/110tokens = +- 4,5 dolars per token)

we can elaborate the idea to create a funding saving shared to asgardiam public, both to rise the economy and both to make the people thrive.

We can do a initial share of 1 token per user, and a rate of new tokens of 1/12 of 50% of these tokens anually. like, we got 300000 users, so every user got 1 token, and monthly 12500 new tokens are shared to the user which make deposits.

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Dec 29, 17 / Cap 27, 01 17:03 UTC

How are these tokens backed?

Jan 5, 18 / Aqu 05, 02 22:46 UTC

by the Community, like everyone who whants to be active and in the flux of a new concept of abundance.  

Jan 5, 18 / Aqu 05, 02 23:27 UTC

so what are they worth and what can you do with them? and can you exchange  them for usa dollars?

Mar 30, 18 / Tau 05, 02 17:10 UTC

if I understand it is a bank-like system, it would help if you report to us the advantages it has towards a real bank.