Jan 7, 17 / Aqu 07, 01 14:29 UTC

Something about the companies  

Will off shore companies be available in our nation? If yes with what restrictions?

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Jan 9, 17 / Aqu 09, 01 10:34 UTC

An "off-shore" company is a business located in a country which offer significant tax reductions. Since many off these are islands (Virgin Islands, Belize, Mauritius etc...) they have been renamed "off-shore" companies. (for more info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Offshore_company)

Therefore a "offshore company" in Asgardia would simply be an Asgardian Company.

If we would be classified as a "tax haven" or not it will depend on what kind of system we will decide to implement.

I hope this clarifies your concern



Jan 9, 17 / Aqu 09, 01 16:29 UTC

Is it wise to allow transactions from or to them?

Jan 10, 17 / Aqu 10, 01 14:21 UTC

Offshore companies are just like other foreign companies, it is just easier to hide financial mischief if you are in an offshore paradise. That does not imply that all offshore companies are bad.

Jan 10, 17 / Aqu 10, 01 18:48 UTC

Guys, we all know that "off-shore" means "illegal" right? I mean if we let people on earth make transactions using our accounts, most of that money will be dirty money. I don't think this would be an appropriate decision.

Jan 15, 17 / Aqu 15, 01 18:07 UTC

Cnacnacna not all the off-shores companies are involved with illigal activities my question is how can we block the access to (or from) them (the companies that can be use for illigal actions ) if we are going to use an economical system like the earth nations use

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Feb 9, 17 / Pis 12, 01 11:51 UTC

@ Chris 3 and Ellupo, Very interesting subject ,but why do we stop the discussion here ? Where have those intelligent Asgardian gone ?

Feb 26, 17 / Ari 01, 01 20:00 UTC

@ogee needs two or more people to exchange opinions

Mar 8, 17 / Ari 11, 01 18:40 UTC

my worries is how can we block a situation (for example) where someone uses a network of off shore companies to pay someone in asgardia which from his possition affects interests or decissions for something (block corruption) sorry for my very simple english

Mar 8, 17 / Ari 11, 01 22:19 UTC

Personally, I say the solution to such is the likes of direct democracy -=- No one man has more say than another prevent one personal initative scarring everyone and it's pretty unrealistic to attempt to bribe most people.