Hello fellow asgardians, my name is Humberto Guttau i am a  Ecommerce Specialist from Brazil (i work for a distributor enterprise),  maybe some of you remember of me from some old topics (or maybe not  haha).

Well i have been a little off of asgardian forum, because  of my work, but finally i have finded time to start this little project!

i  will give some hints and tips for people that want to start a ecommerce  business or are having problem with their own! i will do this free of  charge but with some little rules/tips:

1. Nothing is absolute, i can also commit mistakes so don't trust me 100%, believe your intuition some times.

2. A ecommerce is not magic! you will not earn money without Hardwork and some little investment.

and the most important:

3. Don't say: "I do not have capacity do manage/own a ecommerce". The only thing that stops you from being better or good at something is only yourself,  thomas edisson failed more that 100 times before creating the lamp, if  he did not believe in his own ability and did not have focus and  perseverance, to make the lamp we would not have one of the best  invention from our history.

Well after saying all this, i will  come back to this topic every weekend to help you people to  start/own/manage a ecommerce! (if theres any obviously! haha)