Apr 6, 17 / Tau 12, 01 09:34 UTC

Asgardian MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)  

Hello Asgardians!

I have just put up a post in the Administrative Affairs subforum asking for community input on MOOCs. The post will be open for a month before being locked, and compiled for development. For your convenience, the link to the post is HERE

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Apr 6, 17 / Tau 12, 01 11:41 UTC

Who you callin' a Mook!

What's a MOOC?


Apr 6, 17 / Tau 12, 01 14:18 UTC

Multiple Open Online Course's. Here's the link to the other thread: https://asgardia.space/en/forum/forum/civic-asgardia-public-sector-145/topic/asgardia-moocs-4758/

Jun 27, 17 / Leo 10, 01 19:28 UTC

I take a bunch of free online courses through www.alison.com and www.futurelearn.com both are great. Coursera is another one that is great to use. Even LinkedIn has courses (but those I believe you may have to pay for them). Everyone should be taking these courses to improve themselves and to keep there skills current. MOOCs can only help Asgardian citizens to make them better understand the world around them. We also need more people with Technicial/scientific skills if we want to build this space station.

Jul 5, 17 / Leo 18, 01 20:25 UTC

I feel very strongly that because Asgardia is a pioneering concept, the focus of education should not be on youth first, but on the adults,, the general population. 

Asgardians will come from an Earth economy, and need to function in space, something currently reserved for an exclusive few astronauts who have billions of dollars in support. 

Asgardian adults will need mastery in robotics, access to sudden language capabilities, and material fabrication skills. 

Prospective Asgardians would ideally have access to full space, technology, and emergency fabrication training from now until the time they might apply their skills. 

Jul 6, 17 / Leo 19, 01 17:22 UTC

The Concept of MOOCs is free access to training and education. A MOOC must be designed specifically for Asgardia, that is centered upon, engineering, technology, Maths, Science amd space living. Everyone will have to know basic first aide, damage control amd fire fighting. We will all have to know how to operate  (i.e. move around) in zero G. We have to know culture, history, art and the like as well, but any MOOC that cones to Asgardia will have to mostly centered around the above. In my humble opinion. 

Jul 13, 17 / Leo 26, 01 19:06 UTC


Created the Academy of Sciences of Asgardia? Very good. However, in our project "The Academy of Asgardia is an educational and general educational structure, it is necessary both for earthlings and Asgardians.

Jul 19, 17 / Vir 04, 01 14:51 UTC

is this Academy of Sciences actually part of Asgardia, sanctioned by Dr. Igor (Head of Nation)? or is this someones idea of what it should be?

Sep 21, 17 / Sco 12, 01 03:56 UTC

As a asgardian i am creating a software for all asgardians and people of    earth to bring free education and qualifications to all to can see   more  about this on my blog page here at asgardia.space

Sep 21, 17 / Sco 12, 01 04:08 UTC

Hi Ra, I'd like to invite you to the Projects team. We're currently working on a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) program and would love to have you be a part to help us go forward. Email the projects team with your resume at projects@asgardia.space email address. I'd love to hear more of your ideas.



Nov 16, 17 / Sag 12, 01 08:19 UTC

When Asgardia becomes an officially recognized nation, why couldn't we have our own online or better yet Virtual university that awards officially recognized degrees?  I am a power engineer by trade but I have always been fascinated by astrophysics, astronomy, astrology, quantum physics and quantum mechanics.  If we could find instructors willing to teach, I don't see why it couldn't be possible to educate our citizenry in fields that we need to advance our Nation.

Nov 21, 17 / Sag 17, 01 19:33 UTC

I'm looking forward to this! Taking up education & training for a work needed in Asgardia & contribute in its success.

Nov 21, 17 / Sag 17, 01 19:51 UTC

"contribute in its success"


Nov 21, 17 / Sag 17, 01 20:04 UTC

Why not?

If people want to spend there time here, the more the merrier. I need someone doing something positive to make up for my miserable ass

Nov 21, 17 / Sag 17, 01 20:11 UTC

"why not" is not answer. That's redirection and avoidance. You're smart enough to know that.