Hello Asgardians!

Now is your time to let your voices be heard. A new initiative has been approved for deliberation and input from the community for a new program being developed for Asgardia community members.

Basis of the program came from a suggestion of donations of computers/computer components to people who could not own one or upgrade to the next level. People unable to upgrade their phones as the demands of mobile technology and data grows greater. Some are unable to get the basic computer training they need to acquire a better paying means of employment.

We would like for this to promote Asgardian’s helping Asgardians as well as their local communities.


Please visit the above thread in the Administrative Affairs forum to add your suggestions on what should be included in the program and the implementation of it..

Also keep an eye on more approved initiatives opening up!

Kind regards,
Rebekah Berg, Lead Community Administrator, Asgardia