Oct 26, 17 / Oph 19, 01 20:12 UTC

Canadian Embasy  

(maybe each country should get it's own section, but I can't add sections, I'll leave that up to the mods, for now, this is a topic about establishing an embassy for Asgardia in Canada)

Most of my fellow Canadians (who have voiced an opinion in the citizenship forum) would prefer an embassy in Ottawa, our capital, with perhaps some satellite embassies (Victoria would probably be a good start)

As the first volunteer to help organize an embassy, here in Ottawa, I'll start up the conversation - I doubt this is something I could do alone, so I'm looking for people who can help in any way.

Oct 30, 17 / Oph 23, 01 08:24 UTC

I agree and fully support the idea. I think every country should have a Embassy. I wish there to be at least 1 Asgardian Embassy in the United States as well.