Dec 23, 16 / Cap 22, 00 04:52 UTC

School for ambassadors  

Hi, why not create a division inside the ministry of Foreign affairs in charge of choosing the candidates and eventually forming the future ambassadors. Any person with diplomatic experience may help in this, or we can even find an online course for diplomats.

Candidates to be diplomats must be chosen based on some criteria like: * No previous criminal records * Language proficiency (can´t send an ambassador to Germany who don´t speak at least some German for example. Exception can be made for very rare native languages) * A certain cultural level (understand: Studies, general culture, basic knowledge of politics,...)

Ideas, suggestions, other proposals about selection and-or formations of future ambassadors?

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Dec 28, 16 / Cap 27, 00 21:57 UTC

Your train of thought is a good one. The idea of grooming younger people to become the next generation of ambassadors is an interesting one. Though, maybe not for the position of ambassador specifically; perhaps a school or classes to work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and over time their experience in the ministry would distinguish them for the position of Ambassador.

Dec 29, 16 / Cap 28, 00 00:19 UTC

I like this idea because help to grow the reality of Asgardia but for be an ambassador you need to study some stuff from your country of origin and from the country you're representing if I don't get wrong but I think it would be very benefit to the country.

Dec 29, 16 / Cap 28, 00 11:09 UTC

I believe that all true Asgardians should be free to form and constitute institutions within their countries, working closely with their corresponding Asgardian embassy, to advance the principles and ideals of our founder, Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli. Two of such principles, policies as we may call it, should be the no intervention with the internal affairs of other sovereign states, and not conducting any aggression against any state, that is, the government of Asgardia will not declare or participate in human wars. We should devote our energies and intellect to improve the living conditions of humanity, whenever we are, while we develop this space nation on earth. Let us remember that Asgardians (we) are the pioneers until future generations of Asgardians may establish Asgardia in outer space.

Dec 30, 16 / Cap 29, 00 16:43 UTC

I agree that even if all Asgardians have the will to represent our nation, there must be some type of criteria to select the ones that will represent Asrgadia and its points of view.

Jan 13, 17 / Aqu 13, 01 02:36 UTC

I'm a history student who is going to specialize in diplomatic history, a school for ambassadors is a good idea. To give them the knowledge and skills necessary for the job and to choose the ones with the most useful qualities to deal with an specific region.

Jan 23, 17 / Aqu 23, 01 00:18 UTC


This is why I like this idea..... Having a school for ambassadors

As a nation we would want to have some form of training programme where potential candidates are learn all the necessary skills and knowledge, and we choose the candidate with the most qualities and we place them in a specific region. Basically we don't want an ambassador to make blunders (blunders which could possibly cause international incident) with other nations



Jan 27, 17 / Aqu 27, 01 05:29 UTC

Diplomatic relations are going to be crucial to the success of this concept. I do not believe there can be a one-glove-fits-all approach to this but there are some ground rules. Familiarity with the host country's customs and legal framework are certainly high priority. To that I would add language skills and a basic understanding of space science.

Jan 30, 17 / Pis 02, 01 06:57 UTC

Меня зовут Александр и у меня есть по этому поводу свое мнение, или идея, каждый может понять по своему.Необходимо чтобы в каждом регионе на планете Земля был представитель нации (уполномоченное лицо), достаточно корректный ,знающий ситуацию в регионе и обладающий навыками убеждения ,для того чтобы отстаивать интересы государства, нации. Предлагаю создать пока виртуальный кабинет иностранных дел, затем реальный когда у нас появится возможность для этого. С этого мы можем начать становление и нашего государства, нации в целом. От слов к делу. Параллельно можно создать и остальные кабинеты чтобы уже закрепить людей по направлениям в соответствии с их желаниями и возможностями. И в соответствии с этим решать конкретные вопросы а не просто писать в форуме, хотя согласен начало положено хорошее. Если это прочитает и Игорь Ашурбейли думаю он это поддержит. Давайте с этого и начнем . Ps: Жду связи и конкретных предложений для реализации нашего глобального проекта

Jan 31, 17 / Pis 03, 01 19:06 UTC

Every embassy of Asgardia should have a cultural and scientific attaches. Special courses should be also arranged for the candidates to be chairpersons of the cultural and scientific attaches. The main messages of Asgardia to Earth should be scientific, cultural and humanitarian rather than political.

Jun 25, 17 / Leo 08, 01 19:35 UTC

I support the idea of some sort of online training for an ambassadorial corp. This may not come into being until the UN recconizes us. But it is a good idea that there be some sort of accreditation for Ambassadors.


Jul 4, 17 / Leo 17, 01 03:41 UTC

Hi all. I was worked for Ministry of Foreign Affairs in my country,  Indonesia. I speak Indonesian, English, and Japanese. I went to diplomatic training when I was in the ministry. I'm willing to contribute ideas and abilities for this state. 

Jul 21, 17 / Vir 06, 01 06:00 UTC

A school for ambassadors is a very good idea. I like your train of thought and I'm wondering, where in each country would these schools be setup and who may fund them?

Aug 14, 17 / Lib 02, 01 05:17 UTC

How about cooperating with local Ministry of Foreign Affairs?  If the officials can approach the local ministry, I think there is a possibility to send Asgardia's future diplomats to local diplomatic training.  I once went to diplomatic training in my country. The subjects were various : international law, macro-economics, etc. When I went to the training, there were future diplomats of Palestine joined the courses. Or, we may use the EdX platform. The future diplomats may join the courses online. 

Aug 23, 17 / Lib 11, 01 15:21 UTC

Hi. I do like the idea of formation for the ambassadors. Like our co-citizen, Xatria17 as experienced and I also do believe as an IQ and personality test must be pass with success a priory to be admitted to the formation. Those requirements will prevent to having ambassadors without the ability for fulfilling their function. It's important to keep in our mind as Asgardia is a new type of nation and we will need ambassadors with the highest IQ possible and appropriate personality to conduct diplomatic debates with success, as the impression lived by our ambassadors will have a huge impact on our viability and acceptance from other nations.